Updated Prenatal Directory Joomag Prenatal Directory Update July 2017 - Page 7

Revelstoke Public Health 1200 Newlands (Queen Victoria Hospital) Phone: 250-814-2244 Public Health can support you with information: Pregnancy, childbirth, and new parenthood bring physical and emotional changes. Knowing what to expect can make these changes easier to handle and enjoy. Contact a Public Health Nurse at 250-814-2244 to learn about important information such as:  Choosing a health care provider  What to expect during prenatal visits  How your unborn baby is developing  What you should eat during pregnancy  Keeping active and gaining an appropriate amount of weight  Information for dads-to-be  Supports for new mothers  Breastfeeding support and information  Immunization information  Providing health information  Referral and resources for nutrition, parenting, child development, healthy lifestyles.  Postpartum depression support and information Healthy from the Start Program: Call 1-855-868-7710 https://www.interiorhealth.ca/YourHealth/HavingABaby/Pages/ default.aspx Sign up early in pregnancy for our prenatal program. Baby Talk An information session on a variety of topics (Language development, infant sleep, nutrition and first foods) Call for dates, location and information. There is tons of great information out there but it is important to find sources you can trust. We have asked Public Health to recommended trusted sites and resources for this directory. Call Public Health to check that you are getting the best information for you and your child. 6 5