Unsung Heroes Magazine 2022 - Page 9

UNSUNG HEROES 2022 ness to several of her students and has even helped to lead several of them to Christ . Outside of teaching , Preston is a wife and a mother and is very involved in her church where she teaches Bible studies , sings and even volunteers to drive the church bus .
Preston hopes to truly touch every student that comes into her classroom .
“ If they learn nothing else from me , I want every single student that sits in my classroom to know that they matter and that their lives have a purpose and they are not here by accident , that they are loved exactly how they are , and they have a role to fill in this world that nobody else can fill ,” she said . “ I just want them to remember that if they ’ ve never felt like anybody else in the world loved then , Mrs . Preston is full to bursting with love for all of them .”
st 10 years , something she said has been a really special experience . | Photo by Emily Adams-Bentley Page 9