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This is one of two water heaters at Saint Joseph London , that supplies the entire hospital with hot water .
One section of the maintenance department is the area containing the air conditioning and water lines . Pictured here are the chilled water supply lines that send cool air throughout the hospital . region . A native of the area , he lives here with his wife Sarah and 3 children and he feels that his job to keep the hospital fully operational is part of the success of the hospital and the people it serves . That pride in what he does has passed on down to his oldest son , who , at 18 , wants to pursue a career as a pharmacist . His 15-yearold son hopes to become a pilot , while his 13-year-old daughter has her sights set on becoming an artist . Woods credits part of her interest in his own drawing ability .
“ I like to draw and take things apart ,” he said . “ When I ’ m at home , I ’ ve always got something torn apart to fix .”
Although it took several years for Woods to move into the maintenance department at the hospital , he said the experience in the housekeeping department was good training to move to other positions .
“ I had a basic knowledge of the hospital
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