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Plant Operations make London hospital

‘ a well-oiled machine ’

Maintenance mechanic Chris Woods shows some of the medical air compressors in the maintenance department . | Photos by Nita Johnson

As the coronavirus pandemic hampered life as we knew it , the world put much emphasis on the first responders - especially medical personnel - who dealt firsthand with exposure and risked their own safety to help others .

But often overlooked are those who are behind the scenes - dietary staff , administrative , housekeeping , landscaping , and equally important , the plant operations staff whose task it is to keep all facets of the business operational at all times .
Whether it be in a health pandemic , winter snow and ice storms , summer storms , tornado or power outages , the duties of the plant operations workers are to ensure that all systems are in top notch operational order .
Chris Woods is one of those people who work diligently to see that Saint Joseph London hospital meets those goals to serve staff , patients and visitors at the hospital . As a maintenance mechanic , Woods began his career at the London hospital in the housekeeping department , working there for 8 years until a position in the maintenance department opened up three years ago . With two years of training as an electrician , Woods was excited about moving into a job more aligned to his skills .
“ I wanted to work in maintenance , but housekeeping was the only opening ,” he said . “ So I took that job , hoping it would help me get my foot in the door to maintenance .”
Woods likes his job and being a part of the Saint Joseph London family that provides healthcare and other services to the people in the
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