Unsung Heroes Magazine 2022 - Page 16

On October 24 , 2019 , in observance of World Polio Day , Milly Burkhart painted Baptist employee Catherine Ely ’ s pinky finger and the two talked about polio survivors they both knew . | Photo by Angela Turner by angela turner
“ I feel with every fiber of my being that we are each placed on earth to be a servant of others ,” said Milly Burkhart . “ I can ’ t do everything , but I can do something and I should .” Just before 9 a . m . on a cold Monday morning in late January , Burkhart , a volunteer at the Baptist Health Breast Center , is handing out festive Valentine ’ s Day gifts . It ’ s typical behavior for Burkhart who likes things cheerful and festive for hospital employees and patients . She spends several hours a week in the department answering the phone , checking patients in , folding letters , and doing various other duties , but most would say mainly she just brightens up the room .