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staff can often be seen going above and beyond by doing things like decorating the school ’ s cafeteria for holidays , always greeting students and asking them about their day .
“ Students need more than just books and teachers to learn . Having nutritional needs met is a vital part of students ’ focus and ability to learn , and having that need met by caring , smiling faces is something all schools may not have ,” Siler read from Brashear ’ s email on Reeves .
Brashear also commended Reeves for her work in ensuring students and their siblings were fed breakfast , lunch , and snacks when it ’ s been possible throughout the pandemic .
“ If you haven ’ t been a part of the major effort it takes to assemble and pack over a thousand meals and snacks per day , I can tell you , it ’ s no easy task ,” wrote Brashear . “ Vickie and the cafeteria staff are dedicated to our students and their nutritional needs . I feel honored and proud , and very thankful to have them as part of our school team .”
Back in March 2021 , Christy Frazier-Moses of Pleasant View Elementary School was recognized by the Whitley County School Board as the recipient of the school district ’ s Above and Beyond award .
Frazier-Moses was nominated for the award by Pleasant View Principal Bobbie Gibbs , who said prior to serving the elementary school as an interventionist , Frazier-Moses was an exemplary second-grade teacher .
“ As a second grade teacher , Ms . Frazier- Moses guided her students to excellence ,” wrote Gibbs in a letter that was read aloud by Superintendent John Siler during a school board meeting . “ Her students consistently experienced one and a half to two years of growth in a calendar year .”
Siler called Frazier-Moses ’ work in growing her students phenomenal , as he paused from reading the letter .
“ When [ students ] come in and they ’ re on a second-grade level and when they leave , they ’ re on a fourth-grade level or a thirdgrade six-month level , that ’ s phenomenal growth , way above average ,” Siler said .
In his letter , Gibbs added that Frazier- Moses exhibits an incredible level of care for her students . He said she spends countless hours in the evenings and weekends in preparation , planning , communicating with parents and analyzing data . Gibbs said in addition to Frazier-Moses ’ efforts inside of the classroom , she regularly assists colleagues in providing valuable support whenever she is needed .
“ Without hesitation or the need for recognition ,” Gibbs wrote . “ Calling Ms . Frazier- Moses simply a teacher would be insufficient . She is a life changer , a devoted servant to students and families of Pleasant View and the community of Whitley County .”
Whitley Central Intermediate School fifth-grade teacher Leeann Kersey was named the 2021 Times Tribune ’ s Best of the
Best Teacher , as voted on by our readers and subscribers . After being named last year ’ s winner , the Whitley County School Board recognized Kersey during a school board meeting in November 2021 .
“ She is very deserving of this . She does a wonderful job ,” Superintendent John Siler said , presenting a framed certificate to Kersey . Siler said that not only was Kersey appreciated by her peers , but that her winning Best of the Best also proved how much she was appreciated by her student ’ s parents and the community , as well .
During the meeting , Siler also shared how he had heard of parents visiting Whitley Central Intermediate Principal Susan Brashear and complimenting Kersey on what great experiences their children were having in her classroom .
“ I ’ m sure Ms . Brashear will share this , she really pushes her kids so hard ,” Siler said on Kersey . “ She challenges them . She has high expectations , she spends hours upon hours planning lessons ,” he added , also noting Kersey served as a team leader at the school .
“ She is very deserving of this ,” he said again . “ We appreciate all the work that you ’ re doing leading in fifth-grade and working with our students at Whitley Central ,” he said to Kersey .
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