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UNSUNG HEROES 2022 than maybe some of our other students . Bo has really gone above and beyond . In fact , when we were doing small groups for just a short time period each day , he would drive a bus . He would pick kids up , take kids back , spent all day basically making sure kids c o u l d come in the time they were allowed .”
Roaden , who has 24 years of experience in teaching , has been making a difference in his classroom by meeting the physical needs that his students face , as he has been traveling to Williamsburg each weekend since the pandemic began to pick up food boxes and deliver them to students in need .
His co-workers noted that he is always trying to help his students , no matter if it ’ s during the school day , the weekend or in the middle of an ice storm .
“ Bo is an advocate for his students ,” Corbin Educational Center Principal Lori Barton said in a post made on the Corbin Independent Schools Facebook page . “ He ’ s willing to do the hard stuff .”
“ I just wanted to thank everybody for the recognition ,” Roaden said . “ Of course , you know , I ’ ve done this for a long time and I don ’ t do anything to be recognized for that , that ’ s just kind of the things that we do as teachers . Like you said , I ’ m the bus driver at the Educational Center also and I go out , see these kids where they live , pick them up every day . I ’ m the first person at our school that sees them every day . I just felt like if you can break down barriers for kids and build relationships , especially at our school , I think that your day is more positive , kids can learn and we ’ re a safe haven for those kids .”
Corbin High School English teacher Tara Prewitt was named Corbin Independent School District ’ s Difference Maker for the month of April
2021 .
With only one year of experience under her belt , Prewitt has already been making a big difference in the lives of her students .
“ All of our teachers are difference makers but each month we ’ re choosing a teacher who is going a little bit above and beyond and we just wanted to say ‘ thank you ’ for all your hard work , for taking care of those babies who think they ’ re not babies ,” said Corbin BOE Chair Kim Croley .
Prewitt has been helping to make the content “ real and relevant ” to her students . After studying Elie Wiesel ’ s memoir , “ Night ,” Prewitt actually brought in primary sources after traveling to and from the Nancy and David Wolf Holocaust Museum in Cincinnati , Ohio to bring in actual artifacts from the Holocaust . Prewitt also had her students speak with a Holocaust survivor via Google Meet .
“ Making content tangible , and in ways that students can truly connect with , has made text comprehension more engaging and interesting for them ,” said Prewitt . “ The end result is a deeper understanding and learning in a way that supplements the words on the pages of a book and puts it all into context .”
Dawn Allen , a special education teacher at Corbin Elementary School , was named the May 2021 Difference Maker .
Corbin Board of Education Chair Kim Croley said she believes Allen has been a “ difference maker ” to her students for many years , with 27 years of experience under her belt .
“ What you have done for your students through the years , it really can ’ t even be described and I know a lot of them ,” Croley said .
Allen hopes to create relationships with her students and parents to help give students the most out of their educational experience . “ I strive to ensure each student has the best possible school experience by building relationships with the parents of my students ,” Allen said . “ Due to the nature of my position , I typically meet and have lengthy discussions with the parents of my students . One of the first things I tell them is , ‘ I treat each student like I treat my own kids . I will push them hard , celebrate even the smallest of accomplishments , hold them accountable and love them fiercely .’ I believe that when students have someone in their corner believing in them and cheering them on , they begin to believe in themselves and become self-motivated .”
Allen has taken on a new role as reading teacher in the new school year .
“ I ’ m actually really excited that you ’ re making this change for the coming year ,” Croley said . “ I think a little change and invigoration is good for all of us and I know what an amazing reading teacher you are , so I ’ m really thrilled about that .”
“ I ’ m excited for the change , as well ,” Allen said . “ I love reading , I love teaching reading and even more important , I ’ m hoping my kids love to read .”
Whitley County High School Nurse Missy Lawson was honored during a Whitley County School Board meeting as the the school district ’ s Above and Beyond winner for September 2021 .
Awarded to a nominated district employee , Whitley County ’ s Above and Beyond Award is awarded to the person who continuously goes above and beyond what is asked of them , said Superintendent John Siler . The Above and Beyond Award has been presented for years to those employees who go beyond their job duties . He called Lawson a trooper for enduring “ some very challenging days ” brought on by illness and other factors .
In a letter recommending Lawson for the award , Whitley County High School Principal Julie Osborne wrote that Lawson had faithfully addressed the medical needs brought during the school district ’ s return to school this past fall .
“ Without a doubt her resources have been stretched daily , as she has had as many as a dozen symp-
to her
waiting for
services ,”
Lawson .
Osborne added that each student Lawson
attends to is met with a smile and reassurance
that everything is going to be OK . She said
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