University Vision 2030 and Strategy 2025 CC-698_1219_Strategy_Brochure_2030_JOOMAG_SMALL_2 - Page 20

LEAD IN ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY AND BECOME CLIMATE POSITIVE BY 2030 In response to the climate emergency, we will work with our students, staff and partners to improve global environmental sustainability, working towards becoming a climate-positive university by 2030. BY 2025 WE WILL ACHIEVE TRANSFORMATION THROUGH RESEARCH Through leading-edge research and innovation, we will be at the forefront of developing and promoting environmentally sound solutions to global sustainability challenges. PROMOTE SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH CIVIC LEADERSHIP Through strategic partnerships in the city, we will actively promote long-term environmental sustainability, raising the quality of life in our community. PARTNER WITH OUR STUDENTS AND STAFF ON SUSTAINABILITY In collaboration with our students and staff, we will promote environmental sustainability and leadership within our curriculum, delivery methods and operations. DELIVER SUSTAINABILITY ACROSS ALL OUR OPERATIONS Our ambition of becoming a climate positive university by 2030 will guide every aspect of our operations – from development of our campus and sustainable transportation, to sustainable corporate systems and procedures.