University Vision 2030 and Strategy 2025 CC-698_1219_Strategy_Brochure_2030_JOOMAG_SMALL_2 - Page 14

DELIVER GLOBALLY-RECOGNISED RESEARCH AND INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS THAT IMPROVE SOCIETY Through our research, innovation and education, we will promote the co-creation and application of knowledge to solve some of society’s key challenges. We will build a global reputation for the effectiveness of our partnerships, commercialising knowledge and promoting enterprise. BY 2025 WE WILL SIGNIFICANTLY EXTEND OUR RESEARCH IMPACT NATIONALLY AND GLOBALLY By supporting areas of current and emerging excellence in research and innovation, we will develop research institutes with a world-leading reputation. We will attract and develop global talent and research leaders, promoting international collaborations to build our impact and reputation. EXTEND KNOWLEDGE THROUGH OUR THEMATIC AREAS Through our developing thematic areas, we will collaborate to extend knowledge and impact in interdisciplinary research, innovation and education. Our drive to address global challenges will bring recognised benefits to society and enhance our civic role. EXCHANGE KNOWLEDGE THROUGH STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS Strategic partnerships will promote collaboration, synergy and commercialisation of knowledge. At least two high-value major strategic partnerships will be shining examples of translating academic expertise into practical results. ACTIVELY PROMOTE ENTERPRISE Student enterprise will be actively promoted, within and beyond the curriculum, along with an enterprising approach by our staff. Our range of innovation spaces and support for small business will aid new companies from initial start-up to going-concern, with benefits to the regional economy.