University Vision 2030 and Strategy 2025 CC-698_1219_Strategy_Brochure_2030_JOOMAG_SMALL_2 - Page 12

MEET CHANGING DEMAND AND WIDEN PARTICIPATION We will maximise opportunities arising from the demographic upturn in 18 year olds, successfully widen participation and expand globally, giving more people the opportunity to benefit from Portsmouth’s world-class education and succeed in their future careers. BY 2025 WE WILL PROACTIVELY RESPOND TO CHANGING DEMAND We strive to be the university of choice for applicants and plan significant growth online, on-campus and in partnership nationally and globally. Our overall breadth of subjects and levels of study will be retained, while flexing in size in response to changing demand from applicants and employers. Across our portfolio, we will promote academic excellence. REVOLUTIONISE DIGITAL LEARNING We will significantly extend our range of digital learning opportunities. Increased digital innovation and flexibility will become features of on-campus courses, to meet changing student expectations. We will explore partnership opportunities to support rapid development. CHAMPION ACCESS AND INCLUSIVITY Through active partnerships and innovative approaches, we will transform life chances for young people. In those parts of our community with the lowest HE participation rates, we will significantly increase progression in the long term. We will directly contribute to improving educational outcomes at schools in Portsmouth and partner with regional colleges to promote access to HE. MEET FUTURE EMPLOYER AND SKILLS NEEDS Ladders of opportunity, course content and modes of delivery will evolve to reflect the needs of students, employers, the economy and society. Our interdisciplinary thematic areas, which address global issues, will be reflected in our curriculum.