University Vision 2030 and Strategy 2025 CC-698_1219_Strategy_Brochure_2030_JOOMAG_SMALL_2 - Page 10

ENGAGE EVERY STUDENT IN A LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE We will be recognised nationally and internationally for our success in offering world-class undergraduate and postgraduate education to people with the potential and motivation to succeed. Through the Hallmarks of a Portsmouth Graduate we will develop knowledgeable, independent graduates with a global outlook, who are set for success in their future careers and make a positive contribution to society. BY 2025 WE WILL ENSURE STUDENT EXPERIENCE IS CONSISTENTLY OUTSTANDING Learning and teaching, designed and delivered in partnership with our students, will be consistently excellent and academically challenging. Our personalised academic and pastoral support, with a focus on wellbeing and resilience, will enhance every student’s experience and outcomes. REDUCE ATTAINMENT GAPS We will significantly improve outcomes for all, including our black and minority ethnic students, by providing an inclusive and accessible learning environment where every student is engaged to fulfil their potential. INSPIRE AND CHALLENGE OUR STUDENTS Design and delivery of our courses will promote engagement with research and professional practice, along with a global mindset. Student enterprise will develop tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and leaders. Innovative, interactive educational approaches and technology-enhanced learning will enrich our courses. PROMOTE SUCCESSFUL GRADUATE OUTCOMES Excellent prospects for employment will be embedded in our curriculum design, delivery and Graduate Hallmarks. We will collaborate with employers and professional bodies to ensure our courses incorporate simulated and real-life learning opportunities.