University Research Conference 2020 | Page 4

WELCOME AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Welcome to the sixth annual University Research Conference—the first to be held virtually! The Deans and faculty are pleased to highlight the accomplishments of students who engaged in original research during this academic year. We are impressed by the students’ diligence, tenacity, and passion for their discipline, not only during their research but throughout their academic endeavors. The success of this conference is the result of their hard work and dedication. We also acknowledge and applaud the contributions of the faculty, who instruct, advise, mentor, and collaborate with our student presenters: Raymond Bandlow, PhD Professor, Education Leadership Cindy Casey, MS Program Coordinator, Computer Information Science Felicia Corsaro-Barbieri, PhD Professor, Chemistry Tiffany J. Cresswell-Yeager, PhD Assistant Professor, Higher Education Leadership Rebecca Gullan, PhD Professor, Psychology Alan Harper, PhD Associate Professor, Finance Wayne Huss, PhD Professor, History Stacey Lettini, PhD Associate Professor, Biology Justin McClain, PhD Assistant Professor, Biology Michelle McEliece, PhD Associate Professor, Biology Thomas Mernar, PhD Associate Professor and Program Director, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy Lorraine Phillips, PhD Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice Catherine Razzi, MSN Assistant Professor, Nursing Deborah Schadler, PhD Assistant Professor, Education 2