University Research Conference 2020 | Page 23

Psychology Thomas Lepera How We View Death This presentation will provide a framework on people’s perception and understanding of the concept of death. The concept of death will be explored from a religious, psychological, medical, funeral industry, and personal perspective. These perspectives will be compared with each other in order to get an overall sense of how people perceive death. Giavanna DeMarco Attitudes Towards Accommodating Students in The Academic Setting In 2017-18 alone, 7.0 million students received academic accommodations in the U.S. While the need for these supports is federally recognized, there is a range in quality of services provided at the individual level. This presentation will explore attitudes towards accommodating students in elementary, high school, college, and graduate education. Discussion will include preliminary findings from interviews with accessibility directors across settings. Giavanna DeMarco, Thomas Lepera, & Sam Memon Reactions to Flirting Scenarios With the recent emergence of the #MeToo movement, there has been a notable increase in conversations around a wide range of sexual behavior and communication. This presentation will discuss methodology and preliminary findings from a research study examining how college students respond to different types of “flirting” behaviors. Specifically, male and female students’ responses to appropriate and inappropriate flirting scenarios based on a Likert Scale. Findings of this study are expected to provide insight into how these types of behaviors are experienced by college students, even without conscious awareness. Bailey McLaughlin Defining and Combating Ultra-Poverty Eighty-percent of the world’s 394 million people living in ultra-poverty are located in 14 countries (Hastings, 2017). This presentation defines ultra-poverty and shares information on affected areas. Ultra-poverty in Haiti will be highlighted, including an evaluation of current efforts to reduce ultra-poverty and discussion of my own work to raise awareness and funds for Haiti. 21