University Research Conference 2020 | Page 16

Nina Primavera, OTS, Victoria Ciganik, OTS, Nicole Fitts, OTS, Molly Riley, OTS, Jordan Trickel, OTS Teachers’ Perceptions and Practices Related to Physical Activity Breaks in Preschool Classrooms The purpose of this study is to educate teachers on the importance of physical activity breaks, available resources to help implement breaks, and the benefit physical activity provides with students’ attention in the classroom. The findings of the GoNoodle program used in this study revealed that the implementation of movement breaks within preschool classrooms showed positive results for all teachers. Statistically significant differences were found between pre-test and post-test survey data (p<0.05). Anna Marie Aguirre, OTS, Jacquelyn Bowes, OTS, Brigid Cosgrove, OTS, Gabrielle Murray, OTS, Jordan McAndrew, OTS, Phoebe Schumacher, OTS The Effect of Team Building Exercises on Social Participation in Children and Adolescents with Disabilities The purpose of this study was to implement a Teaming Up program to children and adolescents with disabilities that served to provide specific team-building exercises at the beginning of each Shooting Stars practice. Although there was no statistically significant difference in pre-test and post-test scores for increased social participation, there was a statistically significant change in the basic cooperative level of participation (P=.006). Katie Barron, OTS, Jennifer Goebel, OTS, Emily Harris, OTS, Emilia Santoleri, OTS, Veronica Wheeler, OTS Volunteer Participation and Perceived Health Benefits Among Older Adults The purpose of this program is to examine the effects of crafting and volunteering on the perceived well-being of older adults. Although there was no statistically significant improvement between pre-test and post-test scores on a generativity measure among older adult participants (p >0.05), marginal statistically significant differences were found (p = 0.06). Positive qualitative findings were found amongst the program participants. 14