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CONTENT S University of Wisconsin–Madison LIBRARIES 4 Message from the Vice Provost for Libraries: UW–Madison Libraries - All Ways Forward Development 5 Gifts of Support: UW–Madison Libraries and the UW Foundation Libraries 6 The Chemistry of Color: The Impact & Beauty of the Cole Collection 8 Libraries Leading the Way: Educational Innovation at UW–Madison 10 The Keys to the Past: UW–Madison Archives 13 Go Big Read: Just Mercy a Record-Breaking Success on Many Fronts 14 The Business of Business: UW–Madison Business Library, Small Business Development Center Provide Big Impact for Entrepreneurs, Communities Friends Above: Students collaborate during a session held by librarian Jessica Newman. Center: Image tk0908125 from Digital Collections. Spring 2016, Volume 1. No. 2 Stay Connected Get updates on services, news, events, and more by visiting or following us on View this publication electronically by visiting or request future issues electronically: Editor Natasha Veeser Design and Production Daniel L. Joe Co-Editors Julie Arensdorf Erin Doherty JoAnne Lehman Contributors Todd Barnett Susan Barribeau Jeanette Casey Michael Chaim Erin Doherty Michael Enyart Peter Gorman Nancy Graff Schultz Virginia Martin David Null Elisabeth Owens Arielle Perry Jenny Price Troy Reeves Robin Rider Miguel Ruiz Peggy Smith Michelle Somes-Booher Andy Spencer Sheila Stoeckel Ben Strand Cassandra Tant Vicki Tobias Ed Van Gemert Doug Way Special Photography Contributions University of Wisconsin– Madison, University Communications University of Wisconsin– Madison Archives University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Publisher University of Wisconsin– Madison Libraries Copyright: Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System On the Cover On the Cover: fabric dye samples from F. Crace-Calvert, Dyeing and calico printing (1876), and William Crookes, A practical handbook of dyeing and calico-printing (1874). Special Collections. Acquired through the Cole Fund. 17 Praise from a Visiting Scholar 18 Friends of the UW–Madison Libraries Acquire Major New Electronic Resource 20 Friends’ Calendar 21 Looking Back: The Vietnam Era in Madison 22 Old Friends and True Friends 24 New Books from Parallel Press Libraries News & Events 26 A World of Opportunity: UW–Madison’s Work with Kazakhstan’s Nazarbayev University 29 Shakespeare in Wisconsin 2016: Kicking Off a Year of The Bard 30 Honors and Accomplishments