Universal Creativity 6 - Page 7

Published eBooks What are they about? New Authors Published by Our Company A universe where magic and technology exist, there are three great powers battling for control. Were there are normally two sides to any conflict, in this universe there are three. The light of the Utopian Kingdom lead by the Beautiful and Intelligent Princess Asora, the Darkness controlled by the Darkcon Empire who is lead by the Sexy and Powerful Queen Laxur, and the Gray Commanded by the Federation commanded by the Battle Hardened and Honorable Praetor D’var. But do now be fooled by who is what, for things are not what they seem. Two Fairy Tale like kingdoms, the Utopian Kingdom and the Darkcon Empire wage a long war for dominance. An alien superpower the Federation seeks to quell this war by striking both sides and bring them to subjugation. Even as these three great powers clash, an ancient evil seeks to destroy them and take dominion over all. Can these three forces band together to stop this great evil, or will it consume them all? A clash of Fairy Tales and Science Fiction awaits. A story of Queen Laxur or as her real name Asaria. Her story is told here and you will see things and the universe from her point of view. From the time before her, to her end and everything in between. A tale that is not told in the main story. This is her story, her tale, her life. An innocent little girl with a great destiny, becomes corrupted and turns evil but not without reason. This story will show you those reasons. And what it took for her to recover and fulfill her birthright and destiny. This story could not be told in Kingdoms and Empires but was eluded too. Now you can see her as she was and became. Bulgaria’s Adventures is about Bulgaria, a black cat who lives in Seattle, Washington. This cute and adorable cat will leave readers laughing as he struggles to stay out of trouble and goes out exploring. Bulgaria gets to celebrate his first holiday. Christmas is coming and Bulgaria panics about not having a gift for his beloved owner and about staying off the naughty list. Can Bulgaria stay off the naughty and get his gift from Santa after all? Or will Bulgaria be a naughty cat with no gift for his owner?