Universal Creativity 6 - Page 4

CONTINUED... Author Interview with Marigold Dicer What you say was the hardest part in putting together What would you say makes a good writer? the The Black Swan Inheritance story? Being open to change and being true to your characters. Whether it’s a Balancing Anita’s natural defensive attitude and her instinctive kindness. Everyone’s got varying levels of cynicism and optimism fluctuating throughout their lives, and Anita’s at the stage in her life where she fakes her confidence more than she feels it, so she can quickly turn into a bitch if she feels threatened. By the end of the book, she is magically, physically and emotionally exhausted, and she makes some questionable realisation as you’re writing that your characters wouldn’t act like that, or having an expectation that doesn’t pan out due to the parts in play, be true to the story. Treat your characters as people. Some you will hate, and some you will love, but they all have to make sense! What are your favorite hobbies besides writing? Reading! It’s great waiting for uni to start back up. I’ve been able to put up two book reviews a week instead of my