Universal Creativity 6 - Page 22

Science Fiction Fantasy By Daniel J. Darcey Now to come back to the two different versions of Science Fiction are the fantasy ones, and the future ones. The Fantasy mixes with genres from fairy tales, horror, comedy, etc. The future version is adventure, horror, and science fact. Now there are four different types of fantasy that link to the science fiction. To best describe I’ll give you some analogies. In the fantasy So as for how the tale is set up is that the main setting the four kinds of stories are Grimm Fairy Tales, story is broken down into three volumes. Kingdoms Lord of the Rings, in an odd way Disney, and Zelda. and Empires is the first main volume in the series. The The straight futuristic science fiction types can best be next one that will be completed later, but is the sequel describes as along the lines of Star Trek, Halo, Aliens, to it, Iron Storm is the second. The third and final and Warhammer 40K. Mixing these eight sorts of volume is called Cataclysm. There are also a plethora story types is hard. But this is a task that I managed to of short stories that expand on the main novels, and do with my tale of Kingdoms and Empires. If I could even go into the history of the three main characters, do it then you can too. and even the major nations involved. Kingdoms and Empires is already available on Kingdoms and Empires has three main Amazon.com. If you are interested check it out, and characters, Princess Asora, Queen Laxur, and Praetor D’var. If you want to know who these people are, I enjoy. recommend checking out the story. It is a tale about change, clashing, and redemption. Greetings, I am Daniel J. Darcey. I am the author of the novel series Kingdoms and Empires, and its associated stories and sequels. As of right now I am a self-published author. It’s difficult to say the least. But with help from Miss Danielle Urban I am able to get some of my tale out to the world. As for future projects the next novels are Iron Storm, and Cataclysm. Iron Storm is more science fiction where Kingdoms and Empires is more fantasy. Iron Storm is a tale of restoration, revenge, and adventure. Cataclysm is the final tale that goes to the end of all things. Cataclysm is an end of day’s type tale, the final story. There are also as I said a series of short stories that added to the three main tales. The history from the times before the events in Kingdoms and Empires. To write a science fiction story is a fun but difficult. You want to be as original as possible. A single story means to pick a single point in time and expand upon that. Where as if you what I like to call the Tolkien route. You can forge an entire universe. This is a very long process. You may want to then start your series somewhere in the middle of your fantasy universe.