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Book Review: Intelligence & Circumstance by Jaylen Ross Written by Danielle Urban A story told unlike any other of its kind. A historical novel that brings some civil war history. Romance, history, and suspense all rolled into about an important historical event to life. Intelligence & Circumstance one incredible read. I loved reading this story. I highly recommend tis to is a dashing novel with danger and suspense lurking in every page. readers every where. The fascinating story is hard to put down until one Janessa O’Carroll has a way about her that entices the attention of has read every single page! The anticipation of a woman’s new journey Chas Sinclair. But he has his own issues. He must stay away from waiting at your fingertips to enjoy. Overall, I rate this novel a five out of drinking, and women..But with Janessa it’s hard not to be interested in five stars. her. Everything about her screams out come hither to him. Chas soon ends up loosing his inheritance and is now a broke man. He comes back to see Janessa only to see that she has moved on with a husband and child of her own. Chas doesn’t like that at all and plans to take her away from it all. Before Janessa knows it, she is taken away from her life and brought to Chas’s family. There she learns many secrets including the railroad for slaves to run away to freedom. But not all is what it seems. Soon Janessa is in more trouble than before and her life is now hanging within the air. Will Janessa make it to freedom before her killer comes after her? And who are her enemies and why? And why did Chas have her taken to his parents? An unforgettable story, Intelligence & Circumstance is a must read novel. Jaylen Ross has created a beautifully told world that uncovers Book Review: Dead Ringer by Allen Wyler Written by Danielle Urban Dead Ringer is an amazing thriller written by Allen Wyler. The inside Dead Ringer will make readers feel like that have been story will leave readers instantly hooked as they read on to find out that transported right into the heart of the plot. The scenes and characters Dr. Lucas McCrae is staring at his best friend’s face. Dr. Lucas McCrae pop off thee pages coming to life. Dead Ringer is highly suspenseful was supposed to be doing a routine medical demonstration when he lifts and alluring novel unlike many in it’s genre. up the material covering the cadaver’s head. The cadaver’s head turns out to be his best friend Andy Baer. Rushing back to Seattle, Dr. Lucas This is one novel that I would recommend to readers McCrae finds out that his best friend is missing and possible dead. He everywhere to read. Dead Ringer by Allen Wyler is the most fascinating later learns that his friend may have been killed by a cadaver ring. Body murder suspense novel that I have read in a long time. And Dr. Lucas snatchers. These body snatchers range from dirty law enforcement, McCrae makes for an interesting main character as he rushes to find his politicians, funeral home curators and murdered prostitutes. Dr. Lucas best friend only to find that his friend was killed by a cadaver ring. Now, McCrae ends up teaming with two individuals a female cop and a gang it is up to him and his two unlikely members to uncover the truth and dig member who has been hurt b the cadaver ring. Can this team of unlikely through their way into one of the most dangerous webs any character three be able to solve what has been happening and stop it before it’s has gone into. I loved reading bone chilling intoxicating novel. Dead too late for them? How far will