Universal Creativity 6 - Page 2

UNIVERSAL CREATIVITY INC. What are we about? We are a publishing company that gives all help each author. Our authors stay in charge of everything we do. authors, poets and other writers a free place to publish their work within a digitial creative writing magazine . Why free? Because many authors don’t have the money or resources to publish their work on a gloabl scale and this help promote new voices and for future employers to see the author’s work published. What services do we provide? We provivde free book reviews, free author interviews, and free publishing in our magazine. Not only that do we offer free services, but also paid ones such as editing, proofreading, socail media marketing, researching, article writing, eBook cover designs, and eBook publishing. How are we different from others? And what is our goal? Our goal is to help promote every author and leave no author behind. We work closely with each author. Also we don’t profit from our author’s work. We charge low one time fees because we beleive in the success of every author. We are to promote and I have background experience as a self-published author, book reviewer, and editor.