Universal Creativity 6 - Page 19

Free Writing Prompt by Danielle Urban Mallory was a waitress at one of he finest be careful or else she would be their next vctim restauraunts in the world. Her job was amazing. to be silinced. Serving the special guests that came in and Mallory knew exactly what she was getting came out was fun and exciting. As the waitress, herself into when someone spotted her! Damn. Mallory got the scoop on every client’s Was it a CIA agent coming after her to kill her? conversation whether she wanted to hear them Or was it a military ops person sent to do the or not. And last night there was one kidnapping and killing? Mallory thought to play it conversation that was definitely worth listening stupid. A very hot tall broad shoulder man sat too. A conversation that was about secruity down beside her. Leaning in towards casually, issues, certian unwanted papers locked up in he whispered, “Stay out of this. It’s not for certian place waiting to be destroyed before wannabe Nancy Drews.” Feeling flustered, someone comes to get them. These papers Mallory got up, and stubbed the hot SOB’S foot were highly classified papers and the also with her 6 inch heel, before walking away. involved a respectable governor who is far from I will show him. Taking his photo she sends it to beiing respectable jst from what Mallory over her friends who kknows how to hack into every heard. And then there was a name mentioned database. Find out who that cocky jerk was and of a CIA opperative working to keep things why he told er to stay out. He was involved but hushed because there were millions at stake. in what way? Pouring their coffee and serving them breakfast, Mallory decided it was time to take off and go Write what happens next. Who was the man snooping. Someone needed to leak the who warned her? And how is he involved? information she overheard and she needed to And does he catch up with Mallory again and if so is it to protect her or to keep her