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The Art of Writing a Query Letter By Danielle Urban The art of writing a query is simple. Many just Agents like queries that almost read ike that back don’t know were to begin or what to put into the query cover of a novel or book. Be sure to be different, letter. All query letters are simply a business letter that passionate and expressive when writing your query letter you are writing to each individual agent about your to a specific agent. Also, be sure to spell check and book or novel. The letter since it is a business letter to proffread through your query letter several times before the agent, should be proffesional and serious. It should sending it. set the tone of your book or novel. Your query letter needs a voice. Your voice. Be sure to not query an agent who isn’t Don’t be afraid to articualte what your book or novel is interessted in your book’s genre. That is one of the about without giving away too much to the literary agent. major issues that agents have when recieving query If you follow all these, then you will have mastered the letters from writers. Another important part of writing the art of writing a query letter. query letter is to follow each literary agent’s directions on what they want in your query when sending it to them. This is a must! Book Review: Inside the Lines By Ally Bishop Inside the Lines is a red-hot novel featuring the main character as a secret of her own. One that she can't afford to let out. And the other Dom. Known as the Mistress Hathaway, she is doing the unexpected main character is an irresistible man who tempts Miss Hathaway in and going to the client instead of him coming to her. This one client has ways she never thought. A well written plot and a story that readers the potential of making the mysterious MIss Hathaway come completely everywhere will fall in love with. I highly recommend reading this hot, undone. He has a way of unveiling her layers that she has spent so and enticing novel by All Bishop. Overall, I rate Inside the Lines a five much time building up until he finds the real her. The woman out of five stars. underneath. Fin MacKenzie is sexy, hot, and a gorgeous Scotsman who makes her rethink everything she has built. Miss Hathaway knows, she must stop what is happening between them but at the same time can't stop her uncontrollable feelings towards this one man. Will Fin MacKenzie give the mysterious woman known as Miss Hathaway a love like she never expected to have? And will he be the one to finally make her a submissive? And even though Miss Hathaway secretly would love to be a submissive, will she allow the Scotsman to make her his submissive? And what about all her rules as a Dom? Can Miss Hathaway stay inside the lines or will Fin MacKenzie cause her to stray from inside the lines? Ally Bishop has indeed written a romance unlike other romances featuring Doms. Miss Hathaway is an experienced Dom who has a