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Book Review: The Black Swan Inheritance By Marigold Dicer Marigold Dicer has beautifully woven together a masterpiece to the very end. Marigold Dicer has a talent of bringing her characters and that readers won't want to let go of. The story focuses on the Black Swans new world alive for us readers. Incredible characters and a perfect read for which are native to Australia. They are beautiful and very powerful all, I rate this novel a five out of five stars. creatures. And Anita happens to be one of them. Studying at the college level to become a doctor just like her dad, Anita decides to celebrate just one time. Thinking that the one time celebration won't hurt her, right? As it turns out this one move causes everything to change within Anita and her world. Anita isn't going to back down from the new challenge presented to her by her actions, but neither is she ready to be a perfect diplomat. She has her anxiety, panic attacks and bitchy moments to comb through before she can really step up to the plate and handle that is happening. Can Anita do it? Or will she fail in her attempt to step up within her world? And what about her one night stand with a werewolf who triggers a dark awakening? The Black Inheritance is a must read novel! I loved following Anita's journey and growth as a strong character. Her world, thoughts, and actions became my own as I was lured deep into the plot. A well written story that is one readers everywhere won't want to miss out reading. A compelling and intriguing novel that will hook readers in from the beginning The Sequel Coming Soon! What will the sequel be about? Power leads to corruption. Everyone knows that. and the legendary creatures who playfully tip the scales. Unfortunately, no one could guess that corruption could Anita listens and explores, sometimes stumbling into lead to power... darkness and tragedy, but still she grows... Anita had managed to stabilise relations between the Another witch grows too vampires and the werewolves, but only barely, and her Another legend born anew... inheritance of the Black Swan is still so new. The power Maiden, Mother, and the Crone she bleeds every time she attempts a spell draws the ire Bound in Earth, Blood and Bone... the Crow, a vicious and powerful witch. But the Crow is not interested in making Anita her enemy – to repay a When she cannot depend upon her power, a witch must debt to the old Black Swan, the Crow offers to mentor depend upon her wiles. Anita in the art of magic and lessons of the triplicate. Sometimes to simply save herself. Sometimes, to save Grateful for any assistance, Anita is taught in the ways of the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. Her lessons open her eyes to the extent that magic influences the world, everyone.