Universal Creativity 6 - Page 14

Me: Would you say that being a publisher is just as hard of a job as being an author or harder? NM: Sometimes it’s harder to be a publisher because I have to set aside my own projects at times to get the others going. It’s a very rewarding job nonetheless and I don’t mind putting others needs in front of my own. It can’t always be the Niyah Moore show. Lol.. Me: Ambiance Books is the name of your publishing house. Can you tell us what kind of submissions you accept? NM: I take anything in the Urban / Street Literature category including Romance. Me: Can you tell us briefly about a recent novel that your company has recently published? And who the author was? NM: The most recent was Hustle Hard by Rikenya Hunter. It’s a book about an erotic dancer who has come to hard terms in life. All she could do was hustle by dancing in a club to make ends meet. Me: Can you tell us readers about any upcoming releases from Ambiance Books? NM: Up next, we have The Coldest Bitch Ever by Kayenne, Pretty Gang Banditz by Joy Jackson, and a book from Carla Pennington. We have a ton of other projects in the works as well. All of the authors will be releasing something this year. It’s pretty exciting. Me: What future projects are you currently working on as a writer? NM: I have a new urban series coming out within the next three months. I also have part 4 to the Nobody’s Side Piece series, as well as the follow up to Pigalle Palace called Thunderstorm. Me: Being a publisher, what advice would you give to other writers? NM: Never give up on your writing dream. Learn everything there is to know about the business before you decide to sign any contract. Also, never be afraid to sharpen your craft. Take classes and do research to grow. It’s all about growth as a writer. Me: Where can readers find your novels? And how can they contact you about further information for publishing their novel(s) with your publishing company, Ambiance Books? NM: All of my novels are on Amazon. A few are listed on Barnes and Noble, but most of them are on Amazon. Send queries to moreambiancebooks@gmail.com or message me on Facebook @Niyah Moore. Me: What are your other hobbies besides being a full time author and publisher? NM: I love to cook and read books. I love creating new dishes for my family to taste every other week.