UnBox Your Kitchen Journal "The Sampler" "The Sampler" Issue | Page 21

Audience Interests

Improved eating habits

Weight loss

Healthy recipes and cooking methods

Nutritional information

Reduce/eliminate consumption of manufactured foods

Reduce/eliminate consumption of refined sugar

Holistic well-being

Deeper connection to self


Learn how to prepare homemade meals

Explore various diets (paleo, vegan, vegetarian & etc)

Healthier meals for family

Article Inspiration

Sweet treats with no sugar

Canning foods from the garden

How to make jams and jellies

Effects of diet and exercise

Importance of a balanced meal

What do vegans eat, anyways?

Memories of cooking with grandma

Magic of making holiday cookies

The secret ingredient in a delicious meal (hint: Love)

How to make kombucha

Smoothies versus Juicing

Flavoring meals with fresh herbs

The importance of keeping cabinets clean

Natural kitchen cleaners

Kitchen hints and tips

Getting kids to eat vegetables

The value of teaching children to cook

The dirty dozen, clean fifteen

Meal planning

Shopping at a farmer's market

Why eat fresh vegetables versus frozen or canned

Compare healthy benefits to various diets

Examples of how a client transformed their eating habits

Stories of loosing twenty-five pounds on __ diet

How the foods we eat impact our sleep, sex, mood and...

How to sprout beans and the benefits

Ways to eliminate gluten from deserts

Fasting / cleansing and their benefits

A happy kitchen is a healthy kitchen

Getting your spouse to help with the cooking

What's on the barbeque grill