Ultimate Woman International UWI June 2018 - Page 7

Patty Larson TEAM NATIONAL FAMILY. FUTURE. FREEDOM. We were business owners in Portland, OR, working about 80 hours a week. We had no time and lots of work. When we looked at Team National, we wanted the savings and more customers. With the premium package we bought more than 8 years ago, we are able to give all the benefits to our employees, kids, grandkids and eventually great grandkids. Our business saved $1850 in credit card processing alone. In fact, within 2 months, we had saved more than the cost of the package. We save on big things and little things every month. Our friends are important to us and we wanted them to save, also. We told a few people about Team National, and they haven’t stopped thanking us yet. The savings is great, but what changed our lives was the income earned from sharing this. In nine months we were able to hand our business over to our employees. We went from an 80 hour work week to, maybe, 10 hours weekly with Team National. We are saving thousands, earning thousands, helping people and having a blast. It doesn’t get any better than that! Patty Larson Patty Larsen is one of the most magical people I have ever met. Her devotion to help others to succeed is truly inspiring. Her compassion and empathy towards women and their struggles is raw and heart felt. I had the pleasure of meeting Patty earlier this year and instantly fell in love with her. After every meeting or phone conversation I feel lifted and energized. She gives me the feeling of hope. After just a short time of knowing Patty and her husband Jerry, I can safely call them family. I feel very fortunate to have this remarkable woman in my life. She came into my life right when I need her the most and everything she has done for me is greatly appreciated. I am beyond grateful this woman is a part of my life. Mande Moses I joined Team National about 4 years ago. The main reason was to help build my real estate business. As a realtor, I am always looking for new ways to market myself. Team National has a Business Exchange where you can place your website for your traditional business on the Business Exchange page on the Team National website. After my first year in Team National, my real estate commissions were 4 TIMES what they were the year before. About 40% of my business that year was referral business from other Team National members. Team National members are awesome because we want to help each other. We are a TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More! Paulette Davis When I was thinking about joining TN, I was hesitant because of my previous history with the panic attacks and anxiety. Because I was off work so long I didn't feel that I would be able to call on people to show this business to. Most of the people I knew I hadn't talked to in over 5 years. Not really my 'warm' market. It was because of Patty & Jerry's promise to help me that I said I would take a leap of faith. I love them. I can honestly say that without their support I wouldn't be here today and an Independent Marketing Director. With the Success Club that Team National offers I am building my self esteem and confidence every day. Every day brings me closer and closer to my goals and dreams. Billie Mills www.BigN.com/palarson