Ultimate Woman International UWI June 2018 - Page 6

About the Publisher…. Ms. Brittany Ann has been an Entrepreneur since you could say “ Profits are better than wages” a great quote that is the whole desire of those inspiring to make a change in the world. Originally from the Northwest she loves the “Valley of the Sun.” Raising 3 beautiful girls 2 of her own and 3 grandchildren she values being her own boss and building an empire to leave a legacy for them all. Brittany Ann is blessed with an amazing supportive husband that warms her heart as they are growing their companies, having fun with family while enjoy- ing life together. Her passion is to help women business owners with strategic tools to building their empire and following their dreams. Skills, education and connections are a driving force and will make an impact on todays small business market- place. Brittany Ann’s biggest joy is seeing how the Community that she has built encourages each other with support, referrals, and building relationships. She encourages all that have Entrepreneurship in their heart to follow their dreams and help others build a better future for our next generation. Live the life you dream of everyday! - Brittany Ann :) Connect With Brittany Ann .. www.ultimatewomaninternational.com Ultimate Woman international Magazine June 2018