Ultimate Woman International UWI June 2018 - Page 3

Stop Settling for Pennies You’re Worth GOLD! Are you like most entrepreneurs? When you started your business you had not envisioned it would be hard. Did you also have a vision of getting paid what your worth? “Of Course, you did”! Well, as you can see it is easier said than done. Good News, now you’re what they call “seasoned in your business”. You are a true business owner, the ups, downs and challenges too. Let’s dig deeper into what may be holding you back in your business, and how that affects your mindset and profits. I ask you, are you getting paid what your worth? Why Not? Have you considered these few things…. Do you ask for the sale? Don’t leave money on the table. Work with clients that value your customer service and will refer you. Don’t be afraid to say NO, it will save you time and money and build you a good reputation. When you are good clients will fall into your lap and become lifelong advocates. Building your business certainly comes with challenges but, how you react really tells the story how you come out on the other side. Just getting started or less then a few years in your business can feel like you are in what I call a “Whirlpool”. You are moving a lightning speed, trying everything, Like: seminars, webinars, networking listening for the perfect formula, not only for running and maintaining your business but, really making your mark on and representing your industry. Be true to your core values and find your niche. Don’t settle for pennies ,your time and services are worth GOLD! Ultimate Woman International Magazine June 2018