Ultimate Woman International Magazine Dec 2019 UWI DEC 2019 - Page 8

INTRODUCING DR. JAMILA G. WILLIAMS Dr. Jamila G. Williams (fondly called Dr. J) has a 30-year educational career as a teacher, assistant Principal, and Principal. She retired, in 2009 to pursue more of life’s adventures. Dr. Jamila draws upon her 30 years of helping others empower themselves, build their self-esteem and self–worth, while showing them how to enjoy life to the fullest. She is an author, trainer and motivational speaker. As an Educator & Mentor, Dr. Jamila seeks to build & grow "You Are A.B.L.E Academy” to establish a community of women (and men) through Events, Social Media, Confer- ences, Webinars, Workshops, Books, etc. and provide motivation, training, support along with opportunities for them to develop & build their self-confidence. For more information on “You Are A.B.L.E Academy” You can reach Dr. Jamila at 623-640-4322 Dr. Jamila strives to shift mindsets on money & making money by helping women realize the opportunity a Home- Based Travel Business offers and to lead women (and men) towards creating their own success stories by showing, teaching and training them how to: become successful in life, to become successful entrepreneurs and to show women how to pick up the pieces of their lives and move forward when a setback occurs. www.youareable.life 623-640-4322