Ultimate Woman International Magazine Dec 2019 UWI DEC 2019 - Page 23

Meet Carolyn Berry Helping people heal from the inside out. Carolyn Berry never thought she would own Colon Hydrotherapy clinics as it wasn’t a part of her plan. When she left her corporate job, Carolyn laid out the direction of her life. She became a published author and wrote a self-help program to take people from chaos to happiness, understanding that everyone’s “happy” is different. Her passion is to help people uncover what their “happy” is and how to get there. She’d been battling endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, and adenomyosis, nearly causing her to get a hysterectomy. Instead, she decided to try a series of colonics. Not only did that choice change her life and save her from unneces- sary surgery, it revealed the value of our connection to our bodies. Through colonics, Carolyn experienced a new form of healing and she successfully founded two clinics. Carolyn’s goal is to educate clients on the importance of a colonic, all while maintaining the integrity of the industry with a clean facility. Colon hydrotherapy is recommended from sever- al naturopathic medical doctors as beneficial to overall wellness. Carolyn’s clients experience many benefits aside from women’s health, including weight loss, increased energy, relief from constipation, and overall improved gut health. Carolyn has a thriving business helping people heal from the inside out. info@cleancolonic.com 480-269-5575 Two locations: Phoenix and Tempe www.cleancolonic.com Ultimate Woman International Magazine December 2019