Ultimate Woman International Magazine Dec 2019 UWI DEC 2019 - Page 17

We are a Community of Women Business Owners built on the principal of supporting, connecting, educating and empowering each other for success. Women owned businesses are the future and making a momentous splash in todays market. With, over 30 million small businesses in the U.S, “Do you stand out as an expert in your field?” At UWI, we connect you with like-minded self-aware peers, help you share your business while growing yourself to be even more Amazing! We offer an opportunity to network and showcase your business with our unique platform, build your skill set with building your business systems and so much more. Often times, what is needed to be successful is to be surrounded by other like-minded or smarter people that can help provide guidance, direction, advice, sound support and referrals with resources that can help build your business. Join us and connect with amazing women business owners just like you and share your business with those that need and want your products and service. Inspiring you on your journey! Disclaimer.. Ultimate Woman International does not sell or make claims to any products or services featured throughout this magazine. We do not guarantee any results nor are liable for said results. We are not responsible for any outcome as a result for using or consuming any products or services. Reach out.. Brittany Ann 623-738-5423 www.weRuwi.com