UKISS Whitepaper ©2022 | Page 9


DeFi Opportunities

Verifiable Data Marketplace
As the number of DIDs and NFTs grow , there is an opportunity to create a marketplace where owners can sell their VCs and NFTs to businesses without both parties revealing their identities .
The UKISS Verifiable Data ( VD ) DeFi Marketplace will charge a 3 % transaction fee on top of gas fees . All transactions and fees will be paid in $ KISS .
Use-case scenarios of the UKISS Verifiable Data Marketplace :
DeFi Insurance
As the UKISS Blockchain accumulates verifiable data , there is an opportunity for insurance companies to tap on this new resource of trusted information without needing an intermediary . They can directly access Hugware-authenticated and blockchain-verified data , therefore cutting costs . For this service , UKISS can charge a platform fee in $ KISS .
UKISS will also partner with third-party mutual insurance providers to sell insurance premiums and underwrite yield-generating investments in $ KISS .
Gary wants to monetise his VCs and NFTs on the UKISS Blockchain .
1 . He browses data requests on the UKISS VD DeFi Marketplace and finds a buyer requesting medical records from the past 10 years .
2 . Gary accepts this request and goes to his DID wallet to package the NFTs and VCs containing his medical information .
3 . He sells them for 10 $ KISS .
E-commerce platform Y wants to purchase data on monthly income and expenses .
1 . Y puts up a request on the VD DeFi Marketplace for VC and NFT packages worth 8 $ KISS each .
2 . Y receives five submissions .
3 . Y checks that these DIDs have been authenticated and data verified with the UKISS Blockchain .
4 . Y accepts and pays for the submissions directly to the data owners .