UKISS Whitepaper ©2022 | Page 11


Benefits of Self-Sovereign Identity with UKISS Blockchain and Hugware ®

Users Businesses
Users can monetise their data on the UKISS VD DeFi Marketplace .
Businesses can cut costs on expensive data management and obtain verified data by relying on UKISS ’ s SSI platform
The UKISS DID and crypto wallets are available to users for free .
Small-to-medium enterprises can save on expensive data management resources by gaining access to affordable , secure and trusted data via the UKISS blockchain . Pick and package data tailored to their needs .
DIDs , VCs , and NFTs are cryptographically secure and easy to use for the average user , as they are powered by the UKISS Blockchain and Hugware .
Businesses will be safer from hackers , who will be deterred from targeting data individually across distributed platforms instead of a centralised network .
Two-factor authentication through DIDs and Hugware replaces disclosure of credentials like mobile numbers and email addresses on the internet .
Reduces the cost and risks of securing users ’ privacy data for the SMEs . Lower the risk of phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks .
Users will be protected from hackers since their information is secured with Hugwareauthentication .
Improves security and user experience for their users .