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Part I

Ecosystem for Decentralised Identity and Security

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We believe that the demand for digital proof of identity and credentials will go up as more adopt cryptocurrencies , blockchain technologies , and the metaverse . When that happens , many will require a simple and secure infrastructure to support them .
The UKISS Ecosystem can meet the demand for better management of digital proofs through a mix of hardware , software and blockchain innovations created in-house and in partnership with industry players . All of which can be accessed through the UKISS Ecosystem , powered by $ KISS .
The Ecosystem can be the bedrock of applications that include but are not limited to :
Decentralised Identifier ( DID ) Wallet : Protects DIDs , verifiable credentials ( VCs ), and provides access to KYC-based applications .
Hugware ® ( More in Part II of White Paper ) :
• Twin encryption devices that store and recover private keys ; act as a crypto wallet ( In production )
• Secures DID Wallet ( DIDs and VCs ).
Suite of Digital Security Applications ( More in Part II of White Paper ) : Encryption software providing a diverse range of data protection services , complementing the Hugware™ ( In development )
UKISS Blockchain : A security-focused , high throughput ( high TPS ) yet low-cost blockchain for UKISS and thirdparty applications to grow . It will be governed by the UKISS decentralised autonomous organisation ( DAO ), with $ KISS as the governance token .