UKISS Whitepaper ©2022 | Page 3


Redesigning Digital Security for Web 3.0


The digital world as we know it is changing . As more businesses move to blockchain and the metaverse , virtual citizens will soon need to safely adapt their identities , credentials and assets to distributed ledger technologies .
People need verifiable ID cards , passports , bank accounts and currencies on blockchain and the metaverse just as much as we need them in the real world . Through the UKISS ecosystem , there is an opportunity to provide a safe and convenient infrastructure for portable identification documents ( IDs ), verifiable credentials ( VCs ) and crypto asset security .
Without relying on a centralised party , a selfsovereign approach will enable individuals to become independent authorities of their own identity , personal data , and digital assets . It is a chance for businesses to obtain data directly from consumers while empowering individuals to take charge of how and with whom they use their data .
UKISS is on a mission to fill the gap for a reliable infrastructure supported by cryptographically secure yet straightforward hardware and software solutions . The UKISS Ecosystem can be the next launchpad for industry players to come together with the shared vision of bringing digital identity and security back to the people .