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Advisory Board

Joel Kovshoff Strategic Project Advisor
Joel is a well recognized thought leader within the DeFi space and has advised several cryptocurrencies on tokenomics and go-to-market strategies . He serves as the active advisor to Ethernity ( Premiere NFTs ), Splyt ( e-commerce and VR ), FinXflo ( Exchange aggregator ), Paid Network ( Ecosystem / Legal ), Matrixswap ( cross-chain swapping protocol ), Ferrum Network ( BaaS -staking , LP , Launchpad , Incubator ) amongst many others , and is often invited by CNBC and other news networks to share his views .
William Eden Strategic Project Advisor
Pioneering in the blockchain space , William ’ s experience includes building communities , fund raising , strategizing token metrics and collaborative efforts across blockchain sectors such as DeFi , NFTs and Wallet Providers . Beyond his role as Managing Partner at Tokenova , William is also Head of Product for a decentralized lending protocol accepting real estate to generate a GBP stablecoin . Through building Tokenova , William ’ s outreach has broadened to include top projects such as SwissBorg and Chainlink , plus some of the world ’ s most revered academic institutions .
Lester Lim Strategic Project Advisor
Lester is no stranger to the blockchain and crypto space . The seasoned digital marketer and entrepreneur has worked on multiple million-dollar campaigns , making him one of the most sought after experts in blockchain startup incubation . Currently at the helm of the X21 Digital blockchain advisory firm , Lester advises on Strategic Directions , Marketing , Token Metrics , Investors Relations , and also connects projects to exchanges and other blockchain ecosystem partners .
Vinson Leow Strategic Project Advisor
Vinson is an experienced and well-connected strategic project advisor . The founder of investment firm Crypto Round Table ( CRT Capital ) has overseen the growth of a diverse portfolio of projects while leading a global community of 2,500 crypto investors . As a world leading crowdfunding expert , he has raised $ 12M + across 10 campaigns for Chargeasap , an electronics startup based in Sydney . Previously , the entrepreneur also led multiple consumertargeted businesses with Bondi Laces and Zaia Distribution .