UKISS Whitepaper ©2022 | Page 13

Part II

UKISS Suite of Hardware & Software Solutions


Cryptocurrency crimes have surged over the past year , wiping out billions of dollars ’ worth of tokens .
As decentralised finance continues to grow , we believe that more crypto users will seek comprehensive yet easy-to-use digital security solutions that protect them from Web3 threats ( e . g ., private key thefts , phishing attacks , lost recovery phrases , cryptocurrency heists , and crypto-ransomware ).
UKISS ’ s ecosystem of hardware and software solutions can be the start of this opportunity , by providing holistic security coverage for anyone venturing into cryptocurrencies , blockchain technologies , and the metaverse .
The Ecosystem can provide 360-degree security coverage in three ways :
Hugware ®
A pair of cryptographically secure hardware devices that protects and authenticates private keys to a wide range of digital assets , including ( but not limited to ) :
• Cryptocurrencies
• Decentralised identifiers ( DIDs )
• Non-fungible tokens ( NFTs )
• Encrypted data and documents
UKISS Suite of Digital Security Applications A collection of encryption software that caters to diverse forms of data and documents , including :
• Frequently accessed files on the computer .
• Files stored on the cloud
• Files shared on social networks
• Account login details
UKISS Blockchain
• A low-cost , security-focused and high speed blockchain for UKISS users to secure cryptoassets , DIDs , VCs , and NFTs
• Third-party developers can build applications on the blockchain
• Blockchain will be governed by UKISS decentralised autonomous organisation ( DAO ), with $ KISS as the governance tokens .