UK Brightwell Dispensers Product Catalogue 2022 UK Catalogue - Page 84



Nexus is a revolutionary leap in laundry dispensing technology . Nexus will increase your revenue , lower service expense and provide automated remote account management via the Brightnet portal and cloud-based technology .
Our fully integrated IoT platform makes remote configuration , data monitoring and productivity easy . Programming can be performed on a windows laptop , android or Apple tablet and via our BrightnetConnet internet portal .
Our laundry systems are renowned for their quality and durability and Nexus takes it to another level , with the ability to add flow sensors to ensure the exact amount of product is dispensed . A multi washer version of the Nexus system is also available to enable centralised dosing .
• Remote connectivity is standard using secure Microsoft Azure services
• Advanced software with an easy to use graphical interface for ease of programming
• Consistent flow rates
• Patented pump technology requires no service for up to 24 months
• Flowrates from 300ml ( 10 fl / oz ) to 1500ml ( 50 fl / oz ) per minute
• Multiple wireless connectivity options
• Modular plug and play add on modules
• Flow-meter option provides additional features including Proof of Delivery , Proof of Flow , Calibration compensation , and increased dosing accuracy
Our Nexus laundry dispensing system can be expandable to up to eight pumps .