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Marlin DRM boost for UHD content protection O pen standard Digital Rights Management (DRM) standard Marlin DRM has unveiled a compliance and robustness (C&R) framework for enhanced content protection (ECP) for ultra-HD content. This solution conforms with requirements set by the content industry. The new C&R rules for ECP define security and content protection requirements for Marlin-based products that distribute UHD and early-release window audiovisual content. The rules apply to chipset manufacturers (and integrators of content protection logic into hardware-based trusted execution environments), Smart TVs, set- top box manufacturers that integrate high security chipsets, and service providers. Marlin DRM’s self-certification process has been expanded to accommodate services, device manufacturers, and chipset manufacturers to comply with these new C&R rules around ECP. “Marlin DRM has always led the way in video protection and management,” said Hide Hosokawa, co-president of the Marlin Trust Management Organization (MTMO). “These new C&R rules allow adopters of the world’s leading open standard for DRM to deploy and monetise the highest quality content in compliance with Hollywood’s most exacting security requirements.” Int ertrust to secure Freesat UHD support Freesat in their UHD UK subscription-free in 2018 and beyond,” satellite TV platform declared Talal Shamoon, CEO Freesat has selected content protection initiatives of Intertrust. content they are entitled to, Alistair Thom, managing fighting piracy and keeping director of Freesat. “Its illegal viewing at arm’s length. advanced DRM software CA to support broadcasters ExpressPlay CA uses an open engine allows us to protect like Freesat, to bring the standards-based digital rights our ultra-high-definition power and cost efficiency management system (DRM) broadcast streams in an known as Marlin to protect effective manner, leading to of DRM to the conditional new cloud-based conditional and manage content, and is a significantly lower price access security technology available on a broad base of point. This in turn allows us designed specifically for set-top boxes and connected to deliver the best possible modern broadcasters. The televisions. high-value entertainment deliver a seamless, secure experience for our experience that scales and customers.” grows with broadcasters’ Intertrust Technologies’ ExpressPlay CA content security technology to manage and protect its ultra-high definition content in 2018. ExpressPlay CA is Intertrust’s technology keeps digital rights “ExpressPlay CA is a secure by ensuring that only powerful new content licensed users can access the protection technology,” said F “We are delighted to “We designed ExpressPlay access world. Given our footprint in connected TVs and set top boxes, we can needs.” Technicolor HDR for Philips TVs unai Electric, the exclusive North American licensee for Philips consumer televisions and home video products, has confirmed that Technicolor HDR will be integrated into US market 2019 Philips televisions in conjunction with the launch of the ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard. Work is underway to include HDR in the ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard, expected to be commercially available in late 2018 or early 2019, which will allow over-the- air broadcasters to deliver HDR content, including live events such as sports. “We believe that Technicolor HDR with its superior quality will deliver an exceptional viewing experience when watching over- the-air TV or RF/cable,” said Peter Swinkels general manager, Overseas Product Planning Dept., Funai Electric Co., Ltd. “Sports in particular, will benefit from the enhanced image quality, as will other live broadcasts.” “Funai’s announcement contributes to Technicolor’s ongoing mission to bring the best HDR experience to consumers worldwide,” said Kirk Baker, senior vice president, Emerging Products, Technicolor. “With Technicolor’s HDR technology embedded in Philips TVs for the US, consumers will experience sports as if they were in the stadium. The colour accuracy, expanded colour gamut, and enhanced details will add an extra dimension to the viewing experience that traditional SDR simply can’t give you.” The Philips line will be compatible with Technicolor HDR technology, which simultaneously distributes HDR and SDR content through one single stream. “The presence of Philips TVs in the US market that incorporate Technicolor HDR is further evidence of how rapidly this technology is evolving and being implemented,” noted Frederic Guillanneuf, head of business development for HDR at Royal Philips. “It also reflects the importance of delivering high quality HDR or SDR to any screen regardless of specific formats. Finally, it strengthens the link between two leading brands in video – Technicolor and Philips.” ADVANCED TELEVISION 9