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those production companies that aren’t working in HDR yet. The complete chain needs to be in line to deliver to the channel’s high standards. This often ends up in lively discussions about technicalities and how to realise creative ideas. Attracting global social influencers But creating content in the highest quality to attract and keep viewers isn’t the only issue that media companies face. They also have the challenge of attracting Millennials and Generation Z to the big screen. In February 2018, a report by eMarketer highlighted that approximately 2.38 billion people worldwide will watch digital videos in 2018. Among those viewers, 1.87 billion will use a mobile phone to watch video and 1.58 billion will consume video via YouTube. These are huge figures that show that these viewing trends are evolving quickly on a global scale, offering potential to broadcasters and content owners for increased monetisation and eyeballs. But with Millennials and generation Z watching TV on YouTube, how do broadcasters and media companies bridge the gap between online and traditional TV? Teens have grown up streaming content – they don’t watch traditional TV, they find their social influencers online. Recent stats show that as of October 2017, there are over 80 videos on YouTube that have been viewed more than a billion times. These are staggering numbers. INSIGHT TV is breaking the traditional TV Secrets of DarkFEST and 4.6m Instagram followers. When F2 gets the low down on the drivers, how they posts a video, they share it across their social prepare, what their motivation is and what it channels and within minutes their videos have means to become Gymkhana GRiD champion, been viewed thousands of times. covering all the drama and discipline behind This is a programme model unique to INSIGHT TV that is seeing traditional this growing motorsport. Another big INSIGHT TV success that TV barriers coming down. This is further blends social influencers with high-quality, demonstrated with INSIGHT TV’s recent no-holds-barred behind-the-scenes footage is announcement highlighting its continued Secrets of DarkFEST, also co-produced with Gymkhana GRiD documentary production Monster Energy. Now in its second season, partnership with Monster Energy. The show, Secrets of DarkFEST provides mountain bike which will broadcast on April 14th 2018 on fans around the world with exciting content INSIGHT TV UHD Channels, streaming service that delves into the trials of creating one of INSIGHT.TV and Sky 564, follows several the world’s craziest mountain bike (MTB) drivers taking part in unrivalled motorsport events, DarkFEST. Fans of this wild sport get sensation, Gymkhana GRiD. An extension to see how the world’s biggest MTB challenge of legendary rally driver and social media is organised, how the riders prepare, how they sensation Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos, the ride the course and master the jumps, how race is open to every driver on the planet. they play, and everything in between. The documentary shows unique behind- INSIGHT TV is at the forefront of this model by creating shows around global social the-scenes footage and follows the back television revolution, making UHD HDR influencers and Xtreme content creators like stories of several drivers including: Luke programmes that appeal to all demographics F2 Freestylers. In January 2018, INSIGHT Woodham, Petter Solberg, Ken Block, Adam including Generation Z and Millennials. TV launched a new show, Tackling Europe, Elder, Nikolett Szanto and Dmitrij Sribnyj. The channel is available on linear broadcast starring global social media influencers F2 The race, which features mind blowing stunts in Europe, Asia and the Americas, non- Freestylers Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch and breath-taking obstacles often in the dark linear and OTT platforms and shows can as they complete the ultimate European road with no headlights, was held in Johannesburg be watched anytime, anywhere, on any trip. The show was a huge hit for fans of F2, at the Carnival City Resort in South Africa device. Viewers across the world can view who have around 6.5m YouTube subscribers on November 18th and 19th 2017. The show hundreds of hours of INSIGHT TV’s creative, non-scripted programmes that capture the audience’s imagination, tapping into the social influencer market and thereby creating a new opportunity to bring the younger demographic to the UHD HDR TV screen. Gymkhana Grid INSIGHT TV creates, and commissions hundreds of hours of non-scripted, high- quality series based on global trending topics, featuring popular social influencers, reaching millions of homes in Europe, Asia and the US. INSIGHT TV has distribution, production and partnership deals with major players around the world including: Amazon Prime Channels, Samsung TV Plus, Deutsche Telekom, Monster, CJ E&M, Media Broadcast, Layer3, Olympusat, Simmin, SK Broadband, Swisscom, Vodafone, Tricolor and M7 Group to name a few. ADVANCED TELEVISION 15