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uhd2808_news 01/09/2015 11:58 Page 3 4K TV shipments to grow 147% ccording to the worldwide TV market report from Futuresource Consulting, 4K TV shipments are expected to grow by 147% in 2015, despite overall 2% fall in TV sales. Global TV sales rose in 2014 by 3% to reach 235 million units, with trade value up to $94 billion. The TV market landscape remains varied across the globe, with some regions, such as Latin America, experiencing significant growth, caused by the Brazilian World Cup and the start of analogue switch-offs in the region, which are set to continue beyond the forecast period. Europe, too, enjoyed 3% growth. APAC, however, saw declines during 2014 but remained the largest region A globally in 2015 will fall by 3% to $91 billion. This decline in sales value is due mainly to a However, according to Futuresource, the decline won't last, with larger screens and 4K models being adopted faster than previously forecast. Whilst industry opinion on curved screens remains mixed, strong growth is expected from them in 2015, with the growth in the 4K market helping their performance. Meanwhile, Smart TV continues to grow its share of the market, although not at the pace previously anticipated. "Although we expect to see a decrease in worldwide shipments in 2015, Futuresource expects the TV market to recover well in the longer term," commented Jack Wetherill, senior market analyst, Futuresource Consulting. "In the coming years Futuresource believes that replacement “Futuresource expects the TV market to recover well in the longer term." for TV demand, accounting for 37% of shipments. With saturation in many countries within the region relatively low, Futuresource expects growth to return in the coming years. The report anticipates that trade value Comcast: 'We're ready for 4K' Marcien Jenckes, Comcast's EVP of consumer services, has suggested that from a network and technology perspective, the operator is “ready today” for delivering 4K and HDR content. He told TechHive that like many things, consumer demand would determine how fast 4K and HDR content become pervasive. “The reality is that today, the total number of movies and shows being produced in 4K UHD and HDR is still continued depressed market in China as well Russia's economic issues. Economic uncertainty continues to affect many markets in Europe, contributing to expected declines in many countries across the continent. quite small. Our job is to make sure when the networks and studios really start to lean into developing this type of content, we have the tools in place to deliver a great experience,” he said. “From a network and technology perspective, we’re ready today. Last year, we launched an Xfinity in UHD app on Samsung TVs that includes NBCU content, IMAX films and more. Later this year, we’ll have a 4K set-top box and 4K UHD On Demand library available to all of our video customers. We’ve always been a leader when it comes to providing the highest quality video experience across platforms and 4K won’t be any different.” 4 EUROMEDIA UHD Special demand will increase with sets bought at the start of flat panel boom being upgraded. Also, the shift in consumer preference to larger screen sizes will help the performance of 4K sets." Canal+ trials UHD simulcast French pay-TV operator Canal+ has launched an Ultra-High Definition test channel, inaccessible to subscribers, broadcast on the Astra 1L satellite. The group, which has officially announced the arrival of a UHD simulcast of its premium pay-TV channel for 2016 to coincide with the launch of a new Cube STB, is currently dedicating the 4K trial channel to technical tests. In 2016, Canal+ UHD is set to offer the same schedules as Canal+ HD but not all programmes will be in native UHD. Canal+ plans initially to bring the UHD version of cinema and sport content as well as of its original TV series. Operator Canalsat is also discussing with thematic channels obtaining UHD versions as soon as possible that it could bundle into an additional offering. In France, 210,000 households are already equipped to receive UHD content, with GfK research forecasting that 800,000 4K TV sets will be sold this year.