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eutelsat uhd2808_4k 01/09/2015 12:00 Page 1 “We have learned a lot in the last two years.” Eutelsat 4K UHD champion Some of that research has been carried out in collaboration with major TV manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and Panasonic, who, of course, use 4K1 to test and calibrate their 4K products. “We are doing research with them to establish what are the price-points for certain screen sizes where different parts of the market will ‘join in’,” advises Fritz. From consumer focus groups in Germany, UK, France, Italy and Poland, Eutelsat have learned that in the UK and Germany, existing HD subscribers are prepared to invest in new televisions with 4K because they believe it will be worth it from a picture quality point of view, even when there is relatively little 4K content Global satellite operator Eutelsat is leading the charge on 4K UHD making valuable capacity available for demonstrations and sharing its unrivalled experience with broadcasters, platform operators and content producers. very time there is a major step forward in broadcast technology – digital, MPEG-4, and now UHD - Eutelsat sees it as vital to be leading from the front and helping its partners and customers exploit the benefits as effectively as possible. Central to the programme for 4K UHD is the 4K1 demonstration channel on HOT BIRD with High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), 50 frames per second and 10-bit colour depth, first launched in May 2014. “We want to show off the full potential of 4K UHD,” says Markus Fritz, Director Commercial Development & Marketing, for Eutelsat, “our philosophy is we want to create a sustainable 4K ecosystem – from the studio to the home.” Putting this philosophy into practice means Eutelsat maintains an open invitation to broadcasters to bring content to the channel and learn from the experience. French public broadcasters, E “We want to show off the full potential of 4K UHD.” 16 EUROMEDIA UHD Special RAI, BBC and Red Bull channel are participating and recent additions include SPI International and Anixe HD Television. SPI is previewing some of the content that will be shown on its ‘4K Fun Box UHD’, launching later this year. German broadcaster Anixe HD is providing content from documentaries, cooking shows and a cinema magazine. A major aim is for Eutelsat to share their experience and that of their partners with the industry in order to help remove any bottlenecks in the transition to 4K UHD. “The idea is everyone can make sure they’ve optimised their processes in pre-production and post- production – we have learned a lot in the last two years and we are happy to share it with customers,” says Fritz. Central to this knowledge transfer is the Ultra HD Guidebook that Eutelsat has published to pass along what it has learned from operating 4K1 and from its market research. “An open invitation to broadcasters.” currently available, so they will ‘preinvest.’ “In Poland, France and Italy the reaction is more ‘show us the content and then we will buy.’ In terms of content, sport is clearly where the greatest value is perceived, and we are happy we at least have more content now than we had in the early days of the launch of HD.” Of course, as well as building experience, 4K1 is for platforms, broadcasters and retailers to demonstrate the sheer quality of 4K UHD to their subscribers and potential subscribers and customers. Whether it is pay DTH providers or cable operators, they need to gauge customer reaction and feedback to forecast demand and make decisions about investments in set top swap-outs and the like. “We’ve had a very positive reaction from cable operators, for instance,” says Fritz, “international OTT providers are making 4K an option now and they want to prove cable is 4K ready and “Broadcasters are creating UHD content.”