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uhd2808_news 01/09/2015 11:58 Page 6 Survey: IP, 4K adoption 10 years away A global survey into the industry’s views on IP and 4K adoption has revealed that the transition to IP broadcast infrastructure will take up to 10 years to complete for the majority of broadcasters and that full-scale IP and 4K adoption will be considerably slower than many would have us believe. The survey, commissioned by broadcasting technology specialist Quantel and Snell, they say provides an informative, real-world review of where the industry is – and where it’s going – with IP and 4K. The headline findings on IP are that only 19% of respondents thought that SDI routers would be completely replaced by IP within two years, 42% within five years and 27% only seeing this happen within ten years. Interestingly, 9% of respondents predicted that SDI will never be completely replaced. When asked if they would be using live signals over IP in 2016, 20% said not at all, 47% somewhat and 29% extensively – with just 4% indicating that they are going fully IP next year. On 4K, 60% of respondents saw it as relevant The results of our only in the survey will go a future, with long way to the majority dispelling the of myths predictions spread across the two to five year timescale. We also asked whether High Frame Rate (HFR) or High Dynamic Range (HDR) would bring Videotron claims UHD DVR first Canadian quad-play operator Videotron says it has passed a major technological milestone by becoming the first telecommunications provider in Canada to release an ultra-highdefinition (UHD) set-top box across its entire service area. Combined with Videotron’s network capabilities, the set-top box will enable Videotron customers who have purchased a UHD television set to begin viewing content in UHD format when the the most economic benefit to respondents; 47% saw HDR as a potential revenue generator, only 22% HFR, with 31% seeing no potential benefit from either. Finally, to learn where IP and