UAB Medicine Patient & Visitor Guide 2021 - Page 8


UAB is recognized for our commitment to safety and quality . We take the safety of our patients , their family members , and visitors very seriously and have implemented a number of key practices to lower your risk of harm and make your stay safer . If you or your family has any patient safety concerns during your stay , you are encouraged to speak with your patient advocate or contact the Patient Safety Office at 205.996 . SAFE ( 7233 ).
It ’ s important that you speak with your nurse or the unit secretary before leaving the unit and when you return . Many of your medications , therapies , and lab tests are on a schedule , and we need to be able provide you with the right care at the right time . If we ask you to stay on the unit , we will work with you to walk and be active as much as possible .
You will be given an ID bracelet with your name , date of birth , and medical record number when you are admitted . Please do not remove this bracelet or any others you may be given . For your safety , your care team will check your ID bracelet or verify your identity before examination , treatment , or giving any medications . It may seem like we are asking the same questions over and over , but this process ensures that the right person is receiving the right procedure or medication at the right time .
Handwashing is the single most important factor in preventing the spread of infection . All staff will “ gel in and gel out ” or wash their hands when they enter and exit your room or before any hands-on care . Family members and guests should do the same . We encourage you to ask anyone who has contact with you if they have cleaned their hands . It is for everyone ’ s benefit .
Tell us about any and all medications you are taking , including prescriptions , over-the-counter medications , and any herbal , vitamin , or nutritional supplements . Carry a list of mediations and dosages with you and make sure your care team is aware of any allergies . While in the hospital , do not take any medications from home without first talking with your care team .
Your physician or nurse should discuss any new medications or changes in medications with you . Be sure you understand exactly what any new medications are and why they are being prescribed . Record medications , instructions , or any questions you have for your care team in the back of this book .
While in the hospital , you may feel some pain . Pain after surgery or in response to an injury or illness is normal . We will work hard to reduce your pain and keep you comfortable . Please ask your care team about what medicines and other options are available to help you feel better .
Your care team can explain natural ways to reduce your pain , such as how to calm your body , take your mind off your pain , apply heat or cold , move around safely , and take slow , deep breaths . These can reduce the amount of pain you feel and make you more comfortable . Calming images and music also can help ease your pain ; you may access this type of programming on channels 115 and 116 on your hospital TV ( channels 89 and 90 at UAB Hospital-Highlands ), and it ‘ s also available online at uabmedicine . carechannel . net ( password : uabhealing ). Please let your care team know what would make you more comfortable while in the hospital .
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