UAB Medicine Patient & Visitor Guide 2021 - Page 5


3 . Your room . The communication board in your room will be updated daily with the names of your care team and your patient goals . Bedside rails contain controls for the bed , TV , and nurse call button . Please do not attempt to move the bed without first asking for help . If you ’ d like the room temperature adjusted , ask any member of your health care team . Please leave valuables and credit cards at home . We understand trips to the hospital are not always expected , so let us know if you need help securing any of your belongings . UAB is not responsible for personal items kept in patient rooms .
1 . You are our partner . We want to work with you and your family to provide an exceptional experience and achieve the best outcome . We encourage you and your family to participate in your care plan , so please feel free to ask questions , take notes , and speak up if something is unclear . And remember , you have rights as a patient .
2 . If you need immediate attention . Certain symptoms can signal a life-threatening infection or medical emergency . If you or your family notices a change in your condition , talk to your nurse right away or dial 5-6000 on your room phone to activate Condition- HELP , which notifies our Rapid-Response Emergency Team .
UAB Medicine has specific rapid responses that prompt your health care providers to administer treatments quickly to minimize harm caused by sepsis , stroke , or a heart attack .
• Symptoms such as fever , chills , difficulty breathing , low blood pressure , fast heart rate , and confusion could indicate sepsis , a serious infection in your body .
• The sudden onset of severe headache with nausea or vomiting , vision problems , dizziness , trouble speaking or understanding , as well as paralysis or numbness of the face , arm , or leg , could indicate a stroke .
• Symptoms of a heart attack can include tightness or pain in the chest , neck , back , or arms ; fatigue ; lightheadedness ; and anxiety .
If you or your family notices any of the symptoms listed above , let your health care providers know as soon as possible , because immediate treatment can minimize harm or even save your life . You have a voice , and we encourage you to be an advocate for yourself or your loved one if there is a breakdown in communication or you suspect a medical emergency .
4 . Your meals . Patient meals can be ordered room service-style any time between 6:30 am and 7:30 pm . Just dial 4-MEAL ( 6325 ) from your room phone and place your order . Family members can also order for you from outside the hospital by dialing 205.934.6325 . Meals are freshly made and delivered within 45 minutes . If you are receiving insulin , notify your nurse before eating .
5 . Visiting hours . Your care partner or family member is welcome 24 hours a day . Others are welcome to visit as long as they are not sick . We may need to limit the number of visitors or ask family members to remain in the waiting area at any given time so we can best care for you . If you are not up for company , please let us know .
Please be aware that access to the hospital will be limited to specific points of entry from 8 pm to 5 am . During those hours , visitors may enter through :
• North Pavilion Emergency Department
• North Pavilion second-floor access from 4th Avenue parking deck
• Women & Infants Center main entrance
• Spain Wallace first-floor entrance on 19th Street
• UAB Hospital-Highlands Emergency Department
All other public entrances will be locked during these hours . After-hours visitors and those staying overnight with patients will be asked to wear identification badges , which can be obtained at the entrances listed above or from Guest Services desks in open waiting rooms .
6 . Compliments and concerns . We want to address any concerns or problems before you go home . If at any time we are not exceeding your expectations or you have a concern , dial * 55 to contact a patient advocate . After your stay , you may receive a phone call to provide feedback about your stay . You also may provide feedback online at uabmedicine . org / feedback . We always love to hear how our staff made your experience great . Tell us who went above and beyond at uabmedicine . org / excellence .
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