UAB Medicine Patient & Visitor Guide 2021 - Page 14


At UAB Medicine , we recognize the vital role friends and family play in helping their loved ones heal . Please ask the care team first if there are any restrictions or precautions for visiting .
The well-being of our patients is the most important consideration when making decisions regarding visitors and visiting hours . Most units allow open visitation 24 hours a day , and we encourage someone to be with the patient at all times . However , the number of visitors may be limited at any time depending on the patient ’ s wishes and the need to ensure safety and privacy . Should an emergency arise , you may be asked to leave the room if it interferes with your loved one ’ s care or the care of others .
If you are visiting :
• Wash your hands with soap and water or use the hand sanitizer outside the room every time you enter .
• Do not visit if you have been sick , are sick now , or have been around others who have been sick in the past three weeks . Even a simple cold can cause a problem with a patient in the hospital . If you do choose to visit , speak with a nurse first , so that he or she can provide a mask or special clothing to protect the patient .
• Patient monitors and other equipment may make noises frequently . Your care team is trained to distinguish between reminder noises and emergency alarms . Please do not attempt to reset or silence any of the equipment .
• We use special equipment to move and adjust our patients ; talk to a nurse before moving the patient or the bed .
• If a conflict arises between family members or friends that interferes with the patient ’ s care , we have the right to ask those involved to leave .
• Please follow all posted guidelines for the waiting rooms on each floor .
and visiting may be important to the child ’ s future wellbeing . If a child does not want to visit , that ’ s okay too . They may stay in touch by talking on the phone , drawing pictures , or writing letters or poems for the patient .
If your child is visiting :
• Keep the visit brief , and speak with your nurse beforehand for tips on how to make the visit safe and successful .
• Wash their hands with soap and water or use the hand sanitizer outside the room every time they enter .
• Children should not visit if they have been sick , are sick now , or have been around others who have been sick .
• Younger children should not be left by themselves or allowed to crawl on the floor or play with any equipment .
• Babies under nine months old have weaker immune systems . It is especially important you do not feed or change the baby ’ s diaper in the patient ’ s room , set the baby on the floor or on the patient ’ s bed , or allow staff to hold or touch your baby .
Remember , points of entry are limited from 8 pm to 5 am , and you may only enter through certain doors during those hours . Please wrap up all visits by 10:30 pm if you are not spending the night . If you are spending the night , feel free to take advantage of the complimentary coffee offered in the North Pavilion . Waiting rooms in the North Pavilion on floors 5 , 6 , and 8 will be closed from 11 pm to 4 am for cleaning . Visitors on those floors will be directed to the waiting areas on floors 7 and 9 , which are staffed by Guest Services employees .
Children of any age may visit if they are supervised at all times by a parent or guardian who is not the patient . We encourage children to visit if they have a close relationship to the patient or the situation is very serious uabmedicine . org 11