UAB Medicine Patient & Visitor Guide 2021 - Page 12

A calm and healing environment supports patients ’ sleep , health , and overall recovery . While we try to keep noise down , feel free to close your door and rest or notify us if it is too loud . Channel 116 on your TV provides relaxing music to help .
A visit from one of our music therapists brings live music to your bedside to promote healing and ease pain , anxiety , and depression . Our artists-in-residence with Arts in Medicine help lower stress and improve your mood by painting , drawing , storytelling , or meditating with you in your room and performing dances and curating art exhibits in our common spaces . And a visit from a certified therapy dog through our partnership with local non-profit agency Hand in Paw combats boredom and loneliness while supporting physical and occupational therapy . We encourage you to take advantage of these special services to help brighten your day and make your experience great . Just call * 55 or speak with your nurse to request one of these services .


From the time you arrive , your care team begins working to help you return home . Before you leave , your doctor and nurse will review with you any special instructions for follow-up care or appointments , go over any new or previous medications , and ensure you are comfortable with transitioning from the hospital . Ask questions and take notes ! It is also helpful if your loved one or care partner is there when we review your discharge instructions , as they will be the one caring for you at home . If you need a visiting nurse , home health services , supplies , special equipment , or access to community resources to support your healing , the care transitions team is here to assist you . Make sure you keep a copy of the printed discharge instructions that your care team provides you .
You have the right to use any pharmacy you wish . As a service to patients and families , The Kirklin Clinic of UAB Hospital Pharmacy can fill your discharge prescriptions and bring them to your room , with no charge for delivery . Speak with your nurse if you would like to have our Meds-to-Beds service deliver your prescriptions before you leave the hospital .
ACCESS YOUR HEALTH INFORMATION myUABMedicine is a free , secure patient portal that offers personalized access to portions of your electronic medical record , including select lab results , allergies , immunizations , and medication lists . You can also use the portal to communicate securely with your health care providers or request renewals for current prescriptions . During your stay , we will verify or obtain the email address you want to use to receive instructions on how to create your account . You can also sign up at any time at uabmedicine . org / me .
For your convenience , we provide four different ways to request a copy of your medical records : in person , by mail , by phone , or by fax . To learn more , please call 205.930.7724 between 8 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday , or visit uabmedicine . org / medical-records .
We understand how overwhelming it can be to deal with both your health and your health care billing . Our patient financial services representatives and billing customer service team members are available to help you before , during , or after your stay . Visit uabmedicine . org / billing or call * 55 or 205.934 . CARE ( 2273 ) to speak with a representative .
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