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SRC—A Place Where Independence Is Encouraged Walker says, “I have been so fortunate to have Spain Leslie Walker was a 20 year-old college student in 1976, when a south Alabama car wreck changed her life forever. Following answer – that he believed in miracles but unfortunately didn’t see the C6-7 injury, her acute-care spine doctor said she would be many in his profession – pushed me to get on with life instead of bedridden the rest of her life. P U B L I C AT I O N S O F N OTE I asked Dr. Stover about the odds of my walking again. His waiting for the cure.” The push to independence is vital. In 1983 Walker received “Fortunately, the next month I was admitted to Spain Rehabilitation Center at UAB,” says Walker. “There was a much different and encouraging attitude among the staff. It started with and started work. For the last 23 years with the Alabama my physiatrist (Samuel Stover, MD), who told me I could learn Department of Rehabilitation Services, she has helped people to be independent and complete my goal of graduating from with disabilities prepare for college or work. Off-duty, she lives college.” Nakase-Richardson, R, Tran, J, Cifu, D, Barnett SD, Horn LJ, Greenwald BD, Brunner RC, Whyte, J, Hammond FM, Yablon SA, Giacino JT. “Do rehospitalization rates differ among injury severity levels in the NIDRR traumatic brain injury model systems program?” Arch Phys Med Rehab. 2013 Oct;94(10):1884-90. her Rehabilitation Services degree from Auburn University independently with her two dogs in suburban Birmingham, “Four months later, the night before my discharge from Spain, where she enjoys her garden and swimming pool. allows women direct wheelchair transfer. us in the wheelchair community. The hospital always Walker praises the SRC ROLL Model Program has had a greatly skilled staff that I experienced again started by the Psychology Department for helping when admitted in 2006. Everybody from nurses to many patients attain independent living and healthy PTs, OTs, psychologists, the specialists in the Urology attitudes. She was in the first group of SRC alumni Clinic, and others gently push all patients toward who would be paired with new patients to show that greater independent functioning.” life goes on after SCI. In particular she gives credit to SRC and PM&R Now more than 37 years after her injury, Walker Chair Amie McLain, MD, for starting one of the has been going for examinations annually to SRC nation’s first Women’s Clinics. McLain underwent Outpatient Clinic, where she continues to find familiar additional training in gynecology so she could provide faces and make new friends among the caregivers. Walker (right) with McLain in the SRC Outpatient Clinic. UAB Medicine News A Residency Program, instituted in 1988 with 5 residents, programs, starting with the Medical Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (1966). The Spinal Cord Injury Model System attained its current level of 12 resident slots in 2005. In 1997 of Care has had funding since 1972, the National SCI Statistical PM&R was accredited for a SCI Medicine Fellowship. A 1991 expansion allowed for the outpatient clinic to grow Center since 1985, and the Traumatic Brain Injury Model System of Care since 1998. from 2 to 12 rooms and added more space for therapy, research, At SRC, multidisciplinary patient care teams develop Mark VW, Taub E, Bashir K, Cutter GR, Bryson CC, Mckay S, Bowman MH, Uswatte G. “ConstraintInduced Movement Therapy for the lower extremities in multiple sclerosis. Case series with 4-year follow-up.” Arch Phys Med Rehab. 2013 April;94(4):753-60. Rehab in my city. It’s like an anchor for so many of these services, and the SRC Women’s Committee continued from cover Yarar-Fisher, C, Chen Y, Jackson A, Hunter G. “Body mass index underestimates adiposity in women with spinal cord injury.” Obesity. 2013 Jun;21(6):12231225. funded the purchase of an examination table that and offices. In 1998 PM&R and Surgery opened The Workplace, comprehensive care plans to coordinate individualized treatment an occupational rehabilitation facility. The Samuel Stover MD Assistive Technology Laboratory for every patient. SRC has always provided service to the community, including was es tablished in 2008 with major funding from the Christopher aquatic rehabilitation with the opening of the Mickey Pizitz and Dana Reeve Foundation. The lab helps SCI patients use Memorial Pool, the institution of a Vehicular Driving Program, computer-based equipment to help them manage disabilities. In 2010, SRC developed its first program in neuroregenerative and a Day Treatment Program. science research. Among other highlights in the SRC history: funded by the NIDRR to maintain and improve a costeffective, comprehensive service delivery system for people who incur SCI. Amie McLain, MD, is director. • Traumatic Brain Injury Model System. The UAB TBI Model System, which began its fourth cycle of NIDRR funding in 2013, is a leader in recruitment for the 16 model centers’ national database. The TBIMS follows participants long-term to examine their outcome and engages in research on weight control and loss following TBI. An educational program produces materials for download ( Thomas Novack, PhD, is director. • National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center. Since 1983 UAB has hosted the NSCISC, which supports and directs the collection, management, and analysis of the world’s largest SCI database for use by researchers. Director is Yu-Ying Chen, MD, PhD. At SRC - The Pace of Discovery Accelerates The Functional Neuro-Recovery Program in the PM&R department at Spain Rehabilitation Center was created to accelerate the flow from basic scientific discoveries to clinical practice and provide training for the next generation of students and trainees. The program includes the following: • Neuroscience Research. Scientists conduct experimental basic laboratory studies with the goal of discovering mechanisms, biomarkers, pathogenesis, and treatments for central nervous system conditions. Projects include major funded studies on concussion and transverse myelitis. Candace Floyd, PhD, is director. • SCI Model System. UAB has the only SCI Model System that dates to the system’s creation in 1970. Today, UAB-SCIMS is one of 14 such programs • TJ Atchison Spinal Cord Injury Research Program. An SCI patient advocate, Atchison won the Alabama Legislature’s support for a line-item investment in SCI research. Program director Candace Floyd, PhD, has established a clinically relevant laboratory model of traumatic central nervous system injury in swine to evaluate new ways to protect cells and promote spinal cord regeneration and repair. Women’s Committee Vital to SRC Since 1970 the SRC Women’s Committee has filled essential roles in volunteerism, fundraising, and community relations. The Women’s Committee sponsors a yearly benefit to raise money for SRC. Its Endowed Chair in Rehabilitation Research was established in 2006. Department of PM&R Research Milestones: 50th Anniversary of Spain Rehabilitation Center April 1964 Dedication of the SRC Initial research: emphysema, Ben Branscomb, dir March 1965 June 1965 Birmingham Stroke Project, William Fleming, codir Med Rehab R&T Center established, Fleming, dir June 1966 April 1969 Edward Holmes, Jr, named RRTC dir John Miller, III, named RRTC dir April 1972 Feb 1971 Model SCI Center funded Urological Rehab R&T Center established Russ Fine named research dir 1975 1975 RRTC funded for SCI; Fine, dir 1981 1983 National SCI Statistical Center funded National SCI Data Management Sys awarded 1985 Amie Jackson named dir, RRTC & Model SCI Center 1987 Scott Richards named research dir 1994 1998 Candace Floyd, named research dir Model TBI Center funded 2012 F e atur e d c l i n ica l T R I A L 2012 TJ Atchison SCI Research Center established A Six Month Randomized Open-Label Trial of Pressure Ulcer Healing with Microcyn® Skin and Wound Care with Preservatives Versus Sterile Saline in Adult Spinal Cord Injury Subjects. Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc (MIC-WC-001). NCT02001558. PI: Yu-Ying Chen, MD, PhD. Contact: Yu-Ying Chen, 205.934.3320. Department of PM&R Milestone: 50th Anniversary of Spain Rehabilitation Center (SRC) 1963 John Thomas appointed SRC acting med dir 2 SRC dedicated: 3 floors, 58 beds April 1964 1964 William Fleming named SRC med dir, Rehab Med chair Rehabilitation Medicine dept established F o r R e f e rra l s : 8 0 0 . 8 2 2 . 6 4 7 8 1964 1966 Floors 4&5 added (to 78 beds) Orthotics & Prosthetics Lab opens 1969 1970 Edward Holmes Jr named SRC med dir John Miller III named Rehab Med chair Urological Rehab Research & Training Ctr established 1971 1970 Miller named SRC med dir 1975 1976 Mickey Pizitiz Memorial Pool opens Samuel Stover named SRC med dir, dept chair 1986 1987 Day Treatment Program established Major patient room renovations 1988 1991 Addition grows Outpatient Clinic to 12 rooms Rehab Med renamed PM&R 1996 1996 Amie McLain named med dir, PM&R chair PM&R, Surgery partner in worker comp clinic 1998 2003 Robert Brunner named med dir Prosthetic South opens in Mobile 2004 2006 Worker comp and PM&R musculoskeletal clinics move (UAB Highlands) Samuel Stover MD Assistive Technology Lab established 2008 M o r e I n f o rmati o n : u a b m e d i c i n e . o r g / p h y s i c i a n 3