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P U B LIC AT I O N S O F N OT E Dover SE, Buys DR, Allocca S, Locher JL. “Farmers’ Market Produce Delivery Program for Mitigating Nutritional Risk in Older Adults.” J Hunger Environ Nutr. 2013;8(11):106-108. Shariff N, Desai RV, Patel K, Ahmed MI, Fonarow GC, Rich MW, Aban IB, Banach M, Love TE, White M, Aronow WS, Epstein AE, Ahmed A. “Rate-control versus rhythmcontrol strategies and outcomes in septuagenarians with atrial fibrillation.” Am J Med. 2013; Oct; 126(10):887-93. UAB MEDICINE NEWS Dancing With Silver Stars Event Funds Three Pilot Projects on Aging education as well as for other professionals, such as Stephen Kritchevksy, PhD, Wake Forest University; physician assistants, dietitians, and social workers. The Kenneth Ottenbacher, PhD, University of Texas UAB GEC is sponsored by the Health Resources and Medical Branch, Galveston; and Bradley Willcox, MD, BASiC Toolkit Improves Veterans’ Bladder, Bowel, and Skin Issues Services Administration and affiliated with the UAB MSc, University of Hawaii. A reduction in the rate of urinary tract infections Funds raised through the innovative annual gala Dancing Center of Excellence in Geriatric Medicine, UAB was among the outcomes of an innovative home With the Silver Stars are allowing the UAB Comprehensive School of Medicine, and the Birmingham/Atlanta VA care program for bladder and bowel control issues Center for Healthy Aging to support three important pilot Geriatric Research, Education, and Clinical Center. and their associated skin care problems that was research projects to the tune of almost $100,000. Mobility during and after hospitalization, post-stroke mobility developed by UAB and Birmingham VA Medical Sugar Babies dance team performs at Silver Stars gala. training, and effects on outcomes of home-delivered meals are Center geriatricians. The program called BASiC adults in UAB Hospital’s ACE Unit to find perceived patients, and families. Tested at the BVAMC’s Home- leverage additional funding from other sources to expand their barriers, value, and motivation for participation in a mobility Based Primary Care Program, it gives improved access research. program, then conduct a randomized controlled trial to with professional ballroom dancers in high-energy routines. The event was held in November 2013, teaming dancers To learn more, visit UAB Makes Presence Known at 2013 GSA Meeting The Division of Gerontology, Geriatrics, and Palliative Care made a strong showing at the 2013 Gerontological Society of America meeting November 20-24 in New Orleans. Richard Allman, MD, was the recipient of the Donald P. Kent Award for his leadership through (Bladder, Bowel, and Skin Care) is for providers, projects that will get off the ground and position researchers to The 4-year-old Silver Stars program pairs local civic leaders Comprehensive Center for Healthy Aging, the Southeast teaching, service, and interpreting gerontology to to pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic treatment Sawyer, Swanson Receive Service, Training Awards at Healthy Aging Center Annual Symposium establish the feasibility of implementing a hospital mobility options for veterans who choose to receive care in the Patricia Sawyer, PhD, Gerontology, and Mark prominent physician in the aging field in both research program. home and community rather than an institution, says Swanson, OD, MSPH, Optometry, received top awards and practice who is a member of the GSA Health geriatrician Alayne Markland, DO, MSc, BVAMC at the UAB Comprehensive Center for Healthy Sciences Section. Allman also was a discussant at • Patient-Centered Approach to Target Mobility Training society. He also was awarded the Joseph T. Freeman Award, a lectureship in geriatrics presented to a with professionals from the Fred Astaire Studio in Hoover, a Post-Stroke. Almost 75% of stroke survivors will have chief of Geriatrics and a BVAMC Geriatrics Research Aging’s 21st Annual Scientific Symposium held in the VA GRECC Symposi um on models of geriatric Birmingham suburb. N E W fac u lty residual disability. This study aims to create a training Education and Clinical Center investigator. The program October 2013. Sawyer won the Faculty Service Award; care for rural veterans and cochair (David Buys, PhD, “We are so proud of the community for supporting our regimen that empowers aging survivors to self-determine did not reduce the need for institutional extended care Swanson the Faculty Teaching Award. The top-scoring MSPH, was chair) of the Symposium on Neighborhood efforts to help people stay healthy as they age,” says Richard their most sensible approach to obtain improved walking or acute care visits, “but did significantly reduce the research abstracts were presented by Sawyer, Richard Characteristics in Health-Related Outcomes in Older Adults. Symposium presentations were made by Buys, Allman, MD, founding director of the center. “They provide an ability. PI David Brown, PhD, will assess 20 such rate of urinary tract infections among veterans in the Kennedy, MD, PhD, Gerontology, and Ann Laszczyk, David Buys, PhD, MSPH, has unrestricted gift that could spur more expansive research with individuals from a community activity center for people HBPC Program,” she adds. The BASiC toolkit is in use Neurobiology. The McCallum Award was presented to Rita Jablonski, PhD, Karlene Ball, PhD, Alex Lo, joined the faculty of the Division of government or industry funding.” A community-based planning with disabilities. at the Atlanta VAMC and in 2014 is expected to become the founding Division Director Alan Siegal, MD; the PhD, and Bryan Ford, PhD; papers were presented by Gerontology, Geriatrics, and Palliative committee is involved with the Silver Stars program each year accessible to veterans at the Birmingham and Atlanta Bynum Award to Bill Fuller, executive director of the Lo, Angela Rothrock, PhD, and Pamela Bowen, PhD; Care. Buys earned his terminal degree and helped choose the winning pilot projects. Centered Outcomes Among Older Adults. PI David VAMCs in the outpatient setting. Alabama Family Trust; and the New Horizons Award and posters were presented by Michael Crowe, PhD, in medical sociology and his MSPH Below are the funded projects: Buys, PhD, expects this project to produce evidence for the to the Sugar Babies dance group. External advisory Justin Blackburn, PhD, MPH, Loretta Lee, PhD, MSN, • Feasibility of a Mobility Program During and After feasibility of a full-scale study that assesses the effects of a committe members participating in the meeting Momanna Ahmed, and Buys. Hospitalization. This study will develop and test an simple, low-cost nutrition intervention that can be used by optimized behavioral intervention based on patient feedback, community-based organizations to help elderly individuals says PI Cynthia Brown, MD, MSPH. She will study older remain healthy and independent in their own homes. degree in applied epidemiology, both from UAB. He also completed a fellowship at the UAB Center for Outcomes and Effectiveness Research and Education. Buys is on the faculty • The Effects of Home-Delivered Meals on Patient- of the UAB Nutrition Obesity Research Geriatric Education Center Teams With UAB CME to Offer Free Learning Modules included Tom Foster, PhD, University of Florida; The UAB Geriatric Education Center (GEC), in partnership with the UAB Office of Continuing Medical Education (CME), offers free, interprofessional, and geriatrics-focused CME modules focused on improving Center and the UAB Comprehensive continued from cover Center for Healthy Aging. His research us the opportunity to intervene to help ward off functional leading to the limitations, and to address those limitations with issues. Each module discusses a geriatric issue while focuses on social and environmental decline and keep seniors living independently.” appropriate physical therapy, ambulatory devices, and other addressing how physicians can work more effectively means,” says Brown, a PT for 10 years before becoming a M easures of S u c c ess with other members of healthcare teams. “On the Deep factors, including neighborhood and Brown and Flood recommended that front-line physicians the care of older adults with complex healthcare nutrition-related variables, affecting should ask all senior patients whether they have, for health or physician. She suggests greater interaction between doctors and South CME Network’s website, we currently offer disparities in health outcomes and physical reasons, difficulty climbing up 10 steps or walking a therapists to more effectively help patients. health services utilization, particularly more than 25 modules reviewed by an Interprofessional quarter-mile, and, whether they have modified the way they Number of patients age ≥ 65 discharged from Acute Care for Elders Unit 1200   “With an increasing older population in the US, it is vital Editorial Board,” says managing editor Channing Ford, for us to find ways to help these patients continue to live well MPA, MA. “Modules are appropriate for all practicing healthcare professionals. Physician faculty from our 600   activity, obesity, and smoking–are all risk factors that can be division write many of our CME modules, however we 400   deeper to identify physical, social, or environmental components overcome with appropriate treatment and assistance.” also utilize faculty from other healthcare professions to develop modules applicable to physician practice.” The geriatrics-focused subportal is approved for physician F o r R e f e r r al s : 8 0 0 . 8 2 2 . 6 4 7 8 1148   918   Inpa%ents   800   and independently. The major barriers to this–lack of physical climb 10 steps or walk a quarter-mile. Any modification of a mobility task raises a red flag. “A 2 1134   1400   positive answer to either question should lead the PCP to dig among older adults. 1461   1600   1000   Observa%on   216   313   Total   200   0   2012   2013   M o r e I n f o r mati o n : u a b m e d i c i n e . o r g / p h y s i c i a n 3