UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center Magazine Spring 2016

COMPREHENSIVE CANCER CENTER WTI 220 •1824 6th Avenue South 1720 2ND AVE S BIRMINGHAM AL 35294-3300 2016 • VOLU ME X X XII • N U MB ER 1 A N N C I - D E S I G N AT E D C O M P R E H E N S I V E C A N C E R C E N T E R S I N C E 19 71 U A B C O M P R E H E N S I V E Advisory Board C A N C E R C E N T E R Young Supporters Board Mrs. Lois Bankston Mr. Caldwell Marks Mr. Charlie Adams Mr. Colin Moorhouse Mrs. Alisa Belcher Mr. Daniel H. Markstein IV Mrs. Suzanne Alvarez Mr. Will Northcutt Mr. John Bell Mrs. Terry McBride Mr. Joey Azar Ms. Leslie Parker The National Comprehensive Mr. Frank Bromberg III Mrs. Laura McDonald Mr. Walker Badham Mrs. Rachel Powell Cancer Network (NCCN), an Mr. J. David Brown III Mr. Edward P. Meyerson Mrs. Kristen Bailey Mrs. Whitney Price Mr. George Buchanan Mr. Robert Moore Ms. Rebecca Beers Mrs. Laura Senn Mr. Gary Burley Mr. Craft O’Neal Mrs. Kelsey Blair Ms. Lochrane Smith leading cancer centers, is Ms. Barbara Burton Mr. Richard H. Pardue Mrs. Danae Boyd Mrs. Amy Stevens an authoritative source of Mr. Robert Carr Mrs. Richard H. Pardue Mr. Harrison Bradford Mrs. Katie Terry Mr. Andrew Case Mr. L.C. “Foots” Parnell III Mr. Matt Bragiel Ms. Alicia Waters Mr. Ed Cassady Mr. Charles D. Perry Mr. Ryan Brooks and health professionals make Mrs. Mitzi S. Davis Mr. Guin Robinson Mrs. Mary-Margaret informed decisions about cancer Mrs. Tony Davis Mrs. Katharine M. Robinson Mr. Daniel Dillon Mrs. Kim J. Rogers Ms. Callen Clyce Mrs. Trisha Dodson Mr. Joel Rotenstreich Mrs. Lauren DeMoss expertise of its member Mrs. Betsy Dreher Mrs. Becky Seay Ms. Gayle Douglas institutions, the NCCN develops, Mrs. Helene Elkus Mr. J. Callen Sparrow Ms. Danielle Downing Mr. Jay Ezelle J. Terrell Spencer, M.D. Mrs. Sidney Fry Mr. Albert G. Folcher Jr. Mr. Ralph Summerford Mr. Cole Gresham complete library of clinical Mrs. Cathy O. Friedman Mr. Rick Swagler Mr. Joe Griffin practice guidelines. These Mrs. Lisa Harris Mr. W. Lee Thuston Mr. Ed Hauser Mr. William M. Harvill Mr. Sam Todd Ms. Martha Hawthorne Mrs. Idie Hastings Mrs. Lissa Tyson Ms. Virginia Hazelrig Mrs. Ann Hayes Mr. Jeff Underwood Ms. Katie Kimbrell Mr. James F. Hughey Jr. Mrs. Jeanette Wade Mr. Scott Laney Mrs. Lessley Hynson Mrs. Suzanne Wald Mr. Gaines Livingston Mr. Robert Hynson Mrs. Lindy Walker Ms. Sarah Martin Mr. Mark Jackson Mrs. Cathy Watson Mr. Doug McCrary Ms. Cheryl Levy Mr. Joel Welker Ms. Maloree McDonough Mr. Frank M. Lynch II Mr. George F. Wheelock III Mrs. Jennifer McEwen Mrs. Jeanie H. MacKenzie Mrs. Susan B. Williams Ms. Brooke Moor alliance of 27 of the world’s information to help patients care. Through the collective updates and disseminates a guidelines are the standard for clinical policy in oncology. Find Us Brown A DRUG CALLED Hope Phase I Studies at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center # K N O W U A B C C C